New at Kai Eatery

The bright orange container of Kai Eatery is home to delicious Taiwanese fare including fried chicken and gua bao.

With the new range of bubble and milk foam teas added to the menu, there is now one more reason to go back there.  

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese drinks that contains cold or hot tea mixed with milk served with chewy tapioca balls and fruit jelly.

To appreciate this popular treat, try Kai's signature Milk Foam Rosé served with subtly fragrant real rose water. The milk foam in the tea has a very smooth texture and slightly salty notes adding some complexity to the flavour.

Also, you can now enjoy a new take on fried chicken with Crunchy XL or Charcoal XL options which are made with special marinades.

Catch Kai from Monday to Saturday for a delicious snack or quick meal on-the-go.

Last updated: 07 February 2019