If you’re in the mood for a flavoursome noodle dish somewhere in the city centre, then we’ve got you covered. From Laksa, Ramen, and XO noodles, we’ve rounded up the best noodles that the heart of the city has to offer. 

Biang Biang

Biang Biang Noodles | Xi’an Biang Biang | 246 Queen St

Xi’an is one of the oldest cities in China, dating back 6,000 years, and Biang Biang on Queen Street brings you the traditional cuisine from Xi’an. There’s a wide variety of dishes from the region, ranging from stews, noodles, and hotpots. The signature Biang Biang noodle is best served topped with chilli. You’ll leave feeling full and the hearty ingredients will warm you from the inside.


Korean Pork XO Noodles | Gochu | 1 Queen St

A favourite among critics and foodies alike, Gochu serves modern and innovative Korean food. The Korean Pork XO noodles feature a mouth-watering umami sauce - a combination of sweet, salty, and smokiness. Pair with a rich glass of oaky natural Pinot Noir from Still Life for a satisfying meal. 


Dan Dan noodles | East | 63-67 Nelson St

East is an entirely plant based dining experience, drawing on the cuisines from Hong Kong, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, and a variety of East Asian countries. Alongside incredible food, there is an amazing selection of bespoke cocktails, vegan wine, and New Zealand craft beer. If you are looking for something wholesome and full-flavoured, then the Sichuan speciality Dan Dan noodles should be your next order at East. It’s served with a soft poached egg, sesame, and peanuts, creating texture and added flavour. 

Little yum

Shanghai spicy pork noodle soup | Little Yum | 39 Victoria St W

Specialising in dumplings, Little Yum on Victoria Street also serves up some amazing noodle dishes, including the Shanghai spicy pork noodle soup. A huge bowl of steaming goodness, the spice will give you a kick, and the brothy noodles will fill you up. If you have room after, then we recommend you also order the steamed pork chive dumplings! 


Shoyu Ramen | Ichiban Ramen | 17 Albert St

After being open for over 30 years, Ichiban Ramen is an institution for Ramen lovers in the city centre. The motto at Ichiban Ramen is simple: serving authentic and delicious Ramen in a cosy location. The Shoyu Ramen is soy-sauce based, the broth with a light herbal taste and a tang at the end. While the weather is still cold, order a hot bowl during one lunch break and enjoy. 


Seafood Laksa | Mamak Malaysian Restaurant | Unit 106/50 Chancery Square

Laksa is a classic noodle dish, with full flavours and delicious protein. At Mamak Malaysian in Chancery Square, their Seafood Laksa is a staple dish. The spicy soup features tofu, prawn, squid, beansprout, and egg. Add a roti on the side  and you’ll have yourself a traditional Malaysian meal. 

Last updated: 17 August 2021