The city centre boasts a variety of delicious noodle dishes to satisfy any craving. Whether it's braised beef, Pad Thai or cold pork noodles, there's a dish for every taste and mood - take a look at our list of some of the best and go get your next fix! 

Eden-Noodles (4).jpg

Eden Noodles | Cold noodles mixed with pork in garlic sauce | 18-26 Wellesley St E 

Eden Noodles has a glowing reputation around the country for their incredible noodle dishes. The flavours are out of this world, and well worth the wait even if there is a line to order. If you're after a deliciously rich dish, give the pork and garlic sauce mixed cold noodles a try. The rich sauce envelops the noodles, making every bite a flavor explosion.

Thai-Street-Noodle (3).jpg

Thai Street | Pad si-ew | 12 Jellicoe St 

Thai Street was created with a simple intention - to provide a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for people to enjoy authentic Thai food. The menu is versatile, offering an emphasis on both regional and rural dishes, ensuring there is something for everyone. Make sure to try the pad si-ew, a dish featuring wide flat noodles served with a rich soy sauce base, free-range chicken or beef, and Asian greens.

Biang Biang noodle topped with chilli

Biang Biang noodle topped with chilli

Biang Biang Noodles | Xi’an Biang Biang | 246 Queen St

Biang Biang on Queen Street brings the traditional cuisine of Xi'an to the heart of the city. The menu features a wide variety of dishes from the region, including stews, noodles and hotpots. We highly recommend their signature Biang Biang noodles, best served with a generous helping of chilli on top.

Hello Beasty noodles

Spicy Sichuan noodles | Hello Beasty | 95-97 Customs Street West 

Serving up contemporary cuisine inspired by regions of Japan, Korea and China, Hello Beasty is a cult eatery on Auckland Waterfront. With perfectly balanced and bold flavours, these spicy Sichuan noodles are layered with mustard greens, crispy pork mince, sesame, black vinegar and roasted peanuts for the perfect crunch. 


King Made Noodles | Homemade braised beef noodle soup | 48 Fort St 

Specialising in authentic North West Chinese hand-pulled noodles, a trip to King Made Noodles promises a unique dining experience.  Every morning, the chefs begin by simmering a delectable soup base made from spices and bones. Once you have selected your preferred dish, you have the option to customise your noodles, which are expertly pulled in front of you. If you're unsure what to order, the homemade braised beef noodles are a standout menu item.


East | Pad Thai | 63-67 Nelson St 

Being fully plant-based, East is the perfect dining destination for vegetarians and vegans alike. The restaurant's ethos is that vegetarian food can be flavorful, and Asian flavors never disappoint! Their Pad Thai is a must-try - made with tofu, egg, mung beans, peanuts, and chili it's a flavour explosion that won't disappoint. 

Last updated: 12 May 2023