Explore budget-friendly breakfast spots in Auckland central with our curated list of top destinations. Starting the day off right is critical to getting into a good state of mind to make the most out of a day in the city. Whether you’re off to work or simply enjoying some personal time, a visit to any of the spots on our list will put a spring in your step. From relaxing light-filled interior spaces to great coffee and inspiring food, Auckland central's best breakfast spots will prepare you to tackle the day that awaits you.


Scarecrow | 33 Victoria Street East

Situated on Victoria Street, Scarecrow is an urban oasis that beckons with fresh food, organic Kokako coffee, artisan groceries, and unique gift items. Designed by award-winning architectural designer Peter Were, this spacious locale seamlessly blends the ambiance of a European bistro with the charm of a local farmers market. Step inside Scarecrow, and you'll instantly feel the warmth and coziness that sets it apart. 

Our breakfast pick: Pain au chocolat with a blueberry cream cheese filling, $9


Melba | 33 Vulcan Lane

Located in the cozy and stylish Vulcan Lane, Melba is your quintessential breakfast haven, known for delivering the essence of breakfast bliss. The inviting setting of Vulcan Lane is the backdrop to your breakfast adventure. Whether you're seeking quiet contemplation or lively conversations, our ambiance embraces you like a comforting morning hug. 

Our breakfast pick: Blueberry, lemon & almond scone or Almond Croissant, $6


Remedy Coffee | 1 Wellesley St W

Looking for a laid-back spot to read and enjoy great coffee early in the morning? Drop by Remedy and get comfortable in their vintage leather couches or grab a stool and look out to the hustle and bustle of the city while you plan for the day ahead.

Our breakfast pick: Bacon and Egg Roll, $13.20


Homeland | 11 Westhaven Dr

Crafted by true culinary professionals and made with delicious Aotearoa ingredients, start your day in style with a visit to Homeland, where their welcoming, inclusive, and relaxed atmosphere sets the perfect tone. Join for breakfast and discover why Homeland is the go-to spot for a memorable morning meal.

Our breakfast pick: Award winning Triple cheese scone or date scone, $9 (Available only weekends 9am - 3pm)

Bacon and egg doona

Depot Eatery | 86 Federal St

Rise and Shine at Depot Eatery! From 8 am to 11 am daily, Depot Eatery welcomes you to explore their enticing breakfast offerings, each more tempting than the last. Helmed by the culinary maestro himself, Chef Al Brown, the mastermind behind Depot Eatery's delectable creations, their menu caters to all tastes. 

Our Breakfast pick: Bacon & Egg Doona with rocket-fuel sauce, $13.50

William Egg

Williams Eatery | G03/85 Daldy St

William’s Eatery is a popular family-owned cafe in Wynyard Quarter serving a Lebanese and Italian inspired menu. There is a strong emphasis on local products and supporting fellow vendors and business owners, from Flight Coffee to Garage Project beer and meat from the Grey Lynn Butchery. William’s Eatery clearly cares deeply about creating a meaningful experience for patrons and collaborating with other like minded businesses. Named the Supreme Winner on Metro's Top 50 Cafes list in 2019, as well as the winner of best service, William’s Eatery will no doubt become a favourite breakfast spot in the city centre.

Our breakfast pick: Premium pasture eggs (df) served with Daily Bread sourdough, $14

Daily Bread

Daily Bread Britomart | 13 Galway St

Operating as a deli, a bakery and a cafe, Daily Bread does it all. With two new locations in the city centre and various others in the wider city, Daily Bread is fast becoming a well known spot amongst locals to go for delicious bread made daily. Bread is at the heart of many breakfast favourites, and at Daily Bread, you can order ciabatta with eggplant, roasted capsicum, kale and pesto, sourdough with three cheeses, or a baguette with chopped egg and chive. For something to drink, filter coffee is flowing all day, or there is even a lemon and dandelion kombucha for something a little bit different. 

Our breakfast pick: Ham, cheese & mustard croissant, $7


Fed Deli | 86 Federal St

Start your day off right at Federal Delicatessen with a breakfast experience like no other. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet or savory, their breakfast menus have you covered. Dive into their homemade Chelsea bun, the Cinnamon Girl, featuring golden raisins and cinnamon – a true morning indulgence that's a favorite among locals and visitors alike. While you're here, take your time to savor a bottomless 'cuppa' Joe to add an extra layer of enjoyment to your breakfast.

Our breakfast pick: Homemade chelsea bun with golden raisins & cinnamon, $6 or Toasted Muesli with stewed fruit and yoghurt, $13

Bagel love

Bagel Love | 141 Wellesley st west

Inspired by the simple yet intricate process of New York bagels, Bagel Love has been baking beautiful bagels since 2008. Authentic, traditional, New York style bagels, located in the heart of the city centre. Pair your bagel with a cup of freshly brewed Kokako coffee, known for its rich flavors and sustainability. Whether you're dashing to work or enjoying a leisurely brunch, Bagel Love brings the authentic New York bagel experience to your plate. Don't miss out on the breakfast bliss they offer.

Our breakfast pick: Simple & Classic Cream cheese & Jam Bagel, $7.50

Last updated: 29 September 2023