Driving in to Auckland city and unsure of where to find a parking spot? Check out our list below of the main Auckland city car parks, to help you find a great parking spot in the city centre. We've also gathered a list of the best parking deals available at each Auckland car park, so no matter where you park, you'll get a great deal and can focus on the reason you're visiting. Check out the selection of Auckland city parking deals below.

Viaduct and waterfront: 

  • Downtown car park 
    • $2 per hour, max $15 on evenings, weekends, and public holidays. $5.50 per hour, $24 daily cap (6 am to 6 pm) on weekdays
  • Fanshawe St car park 
    • Flat rate of $7 per day during weekends, and $5 per hour, $24 daily cap (until 6 am) during weekdays
  • Jellicoe Street car park 
    • First hour free and $7 per hour thereafter (up to 4 hours) Mon - Sat, and $3 per hour on Sundays and public holidays (up to 4 hours)


  • Britomart car park 
    • $6 per half hour, $20 daily max (to 6 am) for evenings, weekends, public holidays and $6 per half hour weekdays (7 am to 6 pm), $55 daily max (to midnight)

Inner city centre: 

  • Victoria Street car park
    • $2 per hour, max $10 (from 6pm) during evenings, weekends, public holidays and $5 per hour weekdays

Aotea Arts Quarter Area: 

  • Civic car park 
    • $2 per hour, max $12 on weekends and public holidays, with $5 per hour on weekdays and $12 flat rate from 6pm

Sky City area: 

  • Nelson Street car park 
    • $2.50 per hour, max $5 on evenings and weekends. $2.50 per half hour and max $20 on weekdays (up to 6 pm)
  • SkyCity Main car park
    • Max $16 (enter 6 am to 9 am, exit 3 pm to 6 pm on the same day) for early bird parking. Regular parking is $8 per half-hour, $16 for the first hour, $8 per hour thereafter (max $48)

City Works Depot: 

Road closures

Right outside the door of some of the city centre’s favourite shops, bars, restaurants and arts venues, streets are being transformed and beautiful new spaces are emerging. You might want to factor some of the current construction hotspots into your journey in, out, and around the city centre - to see what's in progress at the moment, see here.

Parking rates and details correct at time of publishing. 

Last updated: 19 December 2023