All-day eateries get a major tick in my book. They give me a sense of comfort knowing I can come back to a place any time to satiate my craving for a matcha latte after 5.00pm, perhaps a late breakfast at 2.00pm, and of course that much-needed daily coffee.

Luckily, The Kimchi Project on Lorne Street offers all of that and more. This Asian-fusion restaurant (heavily inclined towards Korean, as the name suggests) serves breakfast and lunch until 3.00pm and dinner from then onwards. The food and service is amazing - their Kimchi Fried Rice and Soft Shelled Crab Bun are packed with flavour.

Aside from great food and service, The Kimchi Project is home to one of the most beautiful courtyards in the city. A clear roof, bamboo lined benches, and a host of flora set against concrete - this courtyard is reminiscent of a tropical garden and is clearly a gem of its own. I haven't seen this anywhere else in the city, and they also serve Blooming Tea - the perfect treat for tea lovers... 

Last updated: 15 March 2021