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Transport yourself to the vibrant streets of Huế right in the heart of Auckland City at Vie Cafe & Vietnamese Street Food. Nestled on Shortland Street, this charming eatery brings the flavors of traditional Huế cuisine to New Zealand. Immerse yourself in an authentic dining experience as you savor the rich and aromatic dishes crafted with care by skilled chefs. From savory pho to aromatic Bún Hến, each bite is a journey through the culinary delights of Vietnam. Whether you're craving a hearty bowl of Bún Bò Huế or craving the crunch of banh mi, Vie Cafe promises to tantalize your taste buds with every dish. With its cozy ambiance and friendly staff, Vie Cafe & Vietnamese Street Food is the perfect spot to indulge in the comforting flavors of Vietnamese cuisine.

A review from journalist and avid foodie, Lincoln Tan 

Auckland city centre is becoming a hotbed for Vietnamese cuisine. At almost every corner, you’d find a cafe or eatery serving up pho rice noodle soup or banh mi sandwich.

Vietnamese food in general is gaining traction across the city’s culinary landscape - but those with more intimate knowledge of the cuisine will know that the menu items are mainly from Hanoi in the North and Saigon down South.

But the Vietnamese region that arguably has the best cuisine in the country is Hue, in central Vietnam. Hue cuisine is distinctive - its culinary traditions, even for its street food, demand that meals must be presented aesthetically and be a feast not just for the stomach, but also the eyes. It’s hard work, which explains why finding an eatery that serves Hue food is few and far between.

Enter Vie, a little eatery located in a wooden shack on Shortland Street. Opened in July 2023 by Angela Nguyen and Milner Tuan, the place transports you to the streets of Hue with its vibe and classic central Vietnamese dishes.


If you’re a fan of pho, you’ll love Hue’s version of the beef noodle soup called Bun Bo Hue ($18.50). Rice vermicelli, thin slices of beef, and its spicy broth made with beef bones, fish sauce and spices are three things that make Hue’s Bun Bo stand out from its more famous pho cousin.

Other must-try Hue dishes at Vie are the Banh Beo Chen, steamed rice cake prepared in a coin-sized ceramic saucer topped with dried shrimp, deep-fried pork rind, shallots, rice vinegar, and fresh herbs. Eat this by dipping in the side of nuoc mam (fermented fish) dipping sauce. Also, the Banh Bot Loc (glass shrimp and pork dumplings), made with tapioca starch filled with marinated shrimp and minced pork, and wrapped in oiled banana leaves and steamed. Vie also has a unique way of serving up the Vietnamese pancake Banh Xeo ($18.90), in bite-sized pieces.

Complete your Hue experience at Vie with a cup of Cafe Muoi, or Vietnamese salted coffee.


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Last updated: 21 February 2024

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