Auckland city centre has a fantastic breadth of world-class restaurants boasting international cuisine from all over the world. From escargot to ceviche, you won’t need to get on a plane to experience authentic flavours that will transport you to all corners of the globe. Check out our top picks. 

Le Chef

Snails | Le Chef | 13 O’Connell St

Tucked away off the quaint upper Vulcan Lane, Le Chef is a classic French bistro serving up traditional cuisine and wine. One of their signature dishes are their famous escargots served in garlic. Transport to France in just one mouthful with either half a dozen or a dozen and pair with a glass of crisp Grenach. 

Kimchi Project

Two-ways Korean Chicken | The Kimchi Project | 20 Lorne St 

The Kimchi Project is a stylishly decorated eatery that serves Korean food with a twist. Their two-ways Korean Chicken is a favourite among regulars. The dish features Grilled Gochujang chicken and plum soy tempura chicken, served with green salad, herbs, house made pickles, and potato. If you have any room to spare, order the szechuan soy crunchy eggplant or the Korean BBQ pork bun on the side. 


Spaghetti | Amano | 66-68 Tyler St

Known around Auckland as one of the best Italian (and restaurants full stop) on offer, Amano is located across the road from the sparkling Waitemata Harbour and serves delicious and seasonal Italian fare with warm service. With their pasta handcrafted daily, the spaghetti is an ever popular dish, served with tuatua, soppressata, and chilli, it's packed full of flavour. Close your eyes and you'll soon feel like you're on a hillside eatery off the Amalfi Coast. 

Assortment of platted seafood

Signature Mixed Sashimi | Ebisu | 116-118 Quay St 

Ebisu executes Japanese cuisine to an exceptionally high standard and is also well known for their fast and efficient service and classy decor. Their signature mixed sashimi is chosen by the chef and is selected from the day’s best market fish, scallops, tobiko, and garnished with a wasabi tartare. 

Ceviche bar by Besos Latinos

Taste the flavours of the world. Ceviche Bar by Besos Latinos is known for their outstanding Latin American fare

Ceviche | Besos Latinos | H3/132 Halsey St 

Ceviche, a raw fish dish cured in fresh citrus juice is popular in Latin America and is the national dish of Peru. Besos Latinos opened the first Ceviche Bar in Auckland right next in Wynyard Quarter earlier in 2020, right around the corner from the Auckland Fish Market. Enjoy the stunning views of the harbour while enjoying this ceviche dish with a summery passionfruit sauce - there's a vast selection of Mexican beer, tequila and cocktails to choose from too.

Bao on a plate

Bao Baby Bao

Bao Belly Bao | Bao Baby Bao | 39/41 Elliott St

Bao, a popular street food in Taiwan, consists of lotus leaf bread and is often filled with protein such as chicken or crispy pork belly. At Bao Baby Bao, the chef’s have perfected the recipe for a pork belly bao. With slow roasted pork belly, hoisin glaze, fresh coriander, crushed peanuts, and an extra crackle, the bao is filled with everything you could want, and will make you want to order another one for the road. 

Federal Deli

Photo credit Candice Noyer

The Toasted Reuben from Federal Delicatessen | 86 Federal St 

Federal Delicatessen is a unique destination on the Auckland food scene, as it takes inspiration from old school New York Jewish deli food and decor. Featuring the likes of matzo ball soup, Montreal poutine, and salmon latkes, go to Fed Deli when you are craving delicious and different comfort food. Their toasted reuben is considered to be a staple dish. Pastrami on rye with swiss, sauerkraut, mustard, and Russian dressing, the toasted reuben packs a punch and will go perfectly with the bottomless cold brew coffee. 

Last updated: 08 October 2020