Side dishes, seafood, dessert, or drinks – if you’re looking for something a little special to complete your Christmas meal, you’ll find it in the city centre.


Take the pressure off with Christmas by QT

If you're after a full Christmas spread, QT have you sorted with the Christmas classics your Nan cooks, through to Poached Moololaba king prawns with paprika spiked Mary Rose, Coastal Spring lamb shoulder and a Christmas pudding, QT is serving up food comas left right and centre.

There's limited stock, so be quick and take the pressure off Christmas day this year! Order yours here.

Christmas by QT at Home


Or tick off your grocery list with these stores & restaurants


Breakfast goodies

Start the day right with a beautiful brunch. For fresh pastries, you can’t go wrong with Amano or Daily Bread. If you're inspired by New York diners, look no further than Best Ugly Bagels. While granola fans will be spoilt for choice at  The Pantry or Homeland


Ready-made meals

Let's face it, amidst the Christmas Day chaos, it’s more important to be making memories than cooking. Whether you’re in search of a full spread or a side dish for the roast, there’s plenty of options in the city centre. 

Pick up a side of free range Christmas ham with glaze or hot buttered lobster rolls from Amano, or head to Scarecrow and grab a house smoked king salmon to go with your feast.



Because what’s Christmas without carbs? If you’re after something a little different, give kumara sourdough a go, or keep it classic with a pioneer sourdough.  Don’t forget to treat yourself with a pastry – tis the season!


Wine, beer and spirits

If you're looking to pick up some bubbly for mimosas, spirits for cocktails, or wine to go alongside dinner, be sure to visit the expert store, Cahn's Wine & Spirits. They have an unrivalled range of local and international wines and spirits. 


Sweet treats

Keen to spoil your loved ones with dessert but don't want to slave away in the kitchen? Impress them with a delectable sweet treat from the city centre. From Daily Bread's mince pies & stollen, to Amano's strawberry and vanilla trifle and The Pantry's chocolate cherry tart, there's plenty to choose from!


Also, be sure to stop by...

Sanford and Sons and Billy Pot at the Auckland Fish Market have a great selection to choose from if you'd like to add fresh seafood to your list.

You can also tick off your grocery at the Britomart Saturday Markets or Good Vibes Farmers Market, where you'll find a great lineup of fresh produce, honey, cheese and more! 

Last updated: 24 November 2023