Favourite Winter Dishes in Britomart

Between the city’s towering buildings and the Waitemata Harbour are some of Auckland's must visit dining spots this winter. From homemade pasta to succulent roast duck, Britomart has some delicious, winter-warming dishes on offer.

Pot Sticker Chicken & Prawn Dumplings, $19 | SEVEN

There's nothing like fresh dumplings over winter, and SEVEN’s pot sticker chicken & prawn ones are simply delish! The beautiful combination of flavours inside the little parcels are cooked to perfection and taste even better drenched in the spiced vinegar sauce. This is one of our go to places for shared Asian fusion dishes and stunning views of Auckland's harbour. Make sure you try the soft shell crab too! It will change your life for the better.

Mid-Loin Lamb Chops, $24 | The Chamberlain

Satisfy those lamb cravings at The Chamberlain. Order the tapas style plate of Mid-loin Lamb Chops and you will be presented with a generous portion of succulent pink lamb topped with pickles and preserved capsicum to share with your companions. Enjoy with a beer and fries to make it a perfect heart warming meal.

Crayfish Ravioli, $29 | Ortolana

Step inside Ortolana’s intimate dining space and enjoy their crayfish ravioli covered in a beautiful, buttery sauce of bisque, fennel and preserved lemon - giving the dish a perfect tang. The combination of flavours and textures make it a must-try meal we know you’ll keep coming back for.

Teriyaki Tofu, $25 | Ebisu

Vegetarian or not, we’re sure you’ll love Ebisu’s Teriyaki Tofu just as much as we do. The cubes of tofu are marinated in a beautiful teriyaki sauce, served on a layer of black miso jam and accompanied by thin slices of courgettes and carrots, halved cherry tomatoes and white truffle oil.

Free Range Pork Belly Roast, $39 | Ostro

Nothing says winter quite like a Sunday roast. Every Sunday, Ostro puts on the most beautiful roast that is well worth trying for yourselves. Our go-to is the Free Range Pork Belly roast, cooked to utter perfection with mouthwatering crackling. It’s served with all the trimmings; apple sauce, pickled apples, a Yorkshire pudding, roast vegetables, seasonal greens and condiments. To accompany your meal try one of their Bloody Mary’s. No worries if you can’t make it to Ostro on a Sunday – you can’t go wrong with their lobster ravioli.

Quince Braised Pork Shoulder Quesadillas, $17 | Mexico

Mexico is well known for their tasty and affordable sharing dishes, but one that stands out this winter is the quince braised pork shoulder quesadillas. Rich juicy meat, blackened corn and melting cheese between two tortillas - what more could you want? Perhaps a warming, fruity Mexico sangria.

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder, $80 | Amano

Gather a group of friends together to taste this warming sharing dish that will make you forget it’s cold outside! The juicy slow roasted lamb shoulder from Amano comes with yoghurt and a fresh mint relish which is to be combined inside a piadina (a gorgeous Italian flatbread). It’s unique flavours, warming and juicy meat makes this delightful dish utterly moreish.  

Roast Duck Stir Fry, $32 | Cafe Hanoi

If you’re a lover of Vietnamese food but haven't made it to Cafe Hanoi for a while, or ever - now is the time. Cafe Hanoi has an abundance of amazing sharing dishes, but their Roast Duck Stir-Fry can’t be missed. The tender roast duck is stir-fried with broccoli, purple carrots and mixed in with a honey soy sauce. To top it off, it’s garnished with crispy rice cake, Thai basil and sesame seeds. Simply delicious!

Last updated: 21 June 2019