Grass area in the city

(Photo: Sacha Stejko)

Grass area in the city
Water fountain in the city

(Photo: Sacha Stejko)

Takutai Square - Britomart

The perfect lunch spot and meeting place

Takutai Square is the main public space of the Britomart precinct. It has been the focus of many public and private events including music gigs, open air cinema screenings, family activities and functions.

The square is bounded by Gore Street to the west and the Ernst & Young Building and Westpac on Takutai Square to the east. Walking street Te Ara Tāhuhu crosses the square and enters the East Complex, joining shopping and food gallery Atrium on Takutai.

Takutai Square is partly occupied by a 22 x 22-metre square of grass, informally known as Takutai Lawn. Furnished in summer with bean bags and oversized cushions, the lawn is a popular hangout and lunch spot.

In the south-eastern corner of the square is the Pipi Beds sculpture and fountain installation.

‘Takutai’ means ‘foreshore’, reflecting the area’s origins as reclaimed land. Auckland’s foreshore used to run along Britomart Place (originally called Breakwater Road) and Fort Street (originally called Foreshore Street).

Takutai Square is available to hire as an event venue and don't miss La Cigale Market on a Saturday!

Upcoming Events at Takutai Square - Britomart

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Last updated: 03 July 2023

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