Wanting to go somewhere on your next night out that will compliment your Instagram aesthetic? Then look no further, as we have created a roundup of the most Instagrammable bars and restaurants in the city centre. 


Amano for their floral arrangements | 66-68 Tyler St 

Amano fits the bill for an Instagrammable restaurant with their thoughtfully curated and dainty floral arrangements. Use the backdrop of the floral arrangements for an aesthetically pleasing story post, and why not enjoy a freshly made pastry and espresso while you’re there? The aesthetics don’t stop at the decor either with the dinner menu made with fresh and seasonal ingredients which create a vibrant photo opportunity. 


Ghost Donkey for their lights | Level 2, 1 Queen St 

The newly opened Ghost Donkey is a tequila and mezcal bar with New York City origins, and the decor represents their larger than life ethos. With colourful neon and fairy lights, your spicy margarita will look flawless on your Instagram. The low level lighting is also incredibly flattering for group pictures, making sure everyone’s best features are in the spotlight. 


Snickel Lane | Between Fort Lane and Commerce St 

Inspired by the laneways of Melbourne and the Snickelways of York, the city centre's very own Snickel Lane is tucked between Fort Lane and Commerce St – making it a convenient place to stop by if you are near Britomart, heading to Spark Arena, or close by on Queen St or High St.  Snickel Lane is a stylish laneway which offers up a plethora of photo opportunities. The laneway itself is created with a kooky selection of recycled materials such as old butcher tiles and recycled barn timber. This is further complemented by art made by students at ELAM School of Fine Arts. The businesses within Snickel Lane are varied and full of life, from Snickel Lane Florist, Mad Samurai Japanese, and the tapas bar Madriz.  


The Conservatory for their “living” wall of plants | 1-17 Jellicoe St 

Boasting the title of being the first “living bar” in the world, The Conservatory is a must-visit. Located on the waterfront and featuring a wall of living plants, The Conservatory is also a free trade restaurant - a feat that only 8% of New Zealand venues can claim, and it results in the best products being stocked and the continual support of small businesses. Order their famous 18 inch pizzas and a cocktail off their extensive menu and create the picture-perfect night. 


Britomart fairy lights for romantic vibes | Britomart 

Home to designer boutiques, award-winning eateries and a buzzing nightlife, Britomart has so much going for it, including it's dreamy fairy lights that line its streets and walkways. Plan an evening here and take advantage of the glow that makes for a perfect backdrop to any photo. 


Soul Bar & Bistro for waterside dining and their hanging flowers | The Viaduct 

Soul Bar & Bistro is a great option for your next dining-related Instagram. Along with the beautiful sunset views of the harbour; the hanging flowers, live musicians, and hand-crafted cocktails give it a distinct feel that you cannot replicate anywhere else. Whether it be a work party, an intimate date night, or a get together with friends, Soul Bar and Bistro is always a great spot. 

Durham Lane East

Durham Lane East for colour, historic buildings and capturing a buzz 

This iconic laneway connecting Queen Street and High Street is home to great bars and eateries as well as retail stores, salons and more. During Artweek in October it is home to bespoke art designs, and when you stand from the top it looks down towards old heritage buildings. It's great for capturing city vibes and a pop of colour - essential for a great Instagram snap! 


Feriza’s, for their plush interiors |12 Jellicoe St  - for their interior

Feriza’s is a refined Turkish restaurant that is ideal for every meal of the day. While you feast on the delicacies of the Mediterranean, enjoy the airy and thoughtfully decorated interior. The blue and green colouring is reminiscent of the ocean, and the tiled floor and over-hanging greenery will make it seem as if you really are feasting in Turkey. 

Te Wero Bridge

Te Wero Bridge for picturesque cityscape and water views 

The opening and closing of the Te Wero bridge is Instagram-worthy enough, but check out this bridge that connects the Viaduct to Wynyard Quarter and Silo Park for the spectacular views back towards the city when you're standing on or near it. Great for a shot day or night.

Fort Lane

Fort Lane for its neon lights and cool artwork | Fort Lane 

The eye-catching red neon light in Fort Lane was created by Swedish artist David Svensson, and crosses the alley at three unique points. Neon lights represent the bustle and excitement of big city living - so get ready to light up your next Instagram post in style. The lane also has some great artwork including artist Sara Hughes' Sun Burst which is a spectacular burst of colour referencing the architectural details of Auckland's art deco and heritage sites that's worthy of a post too. 

Last updated: 23 October 2020