Barney Toy is no ordinary bartender - he's the creator of the smooth, delicious and award-winning Pan Am Cocktail, which recently placed 2nd in the world at the Bacardí Legacy Global Cocktail Competition - where he represented NZ against 34 countries.

This competition challenges mixologists to create a new classic cocktail, in the league of drinks known around the world, such as daiquiris, margaritas and piña​ coladas. 

So when he's not creating world renowned cocktails, where does such a talented bartender spend his free time? We asked Toy about some of his favourite spots to shed some light on a few more of our central city's hidden gems. 

Where's your favourite central city meal?
I love to go to Cassia on Fort lane. The food is amazing, there is great atmosphere, amazing wines and awesome cocktails.

Where’s the best place to head for some laid back drinks? 
I usually head to Racket for an after work Daiquiri and an Ocho and some chat.

Where is your favourite drink in the city?
I really genuinely love to drink The Pan Am Cocktail - it’s a drink that I'm proud of. Orleans do a great clarified Milk punch too.

Your favourite central city personality?
Dan King runs bars in the britomart area he’s a good friend and a true industry legend.

What do you love about being a mixologist and bartender?
I get to work with some amazing people and meet so many awesome humans on a day to day basis and getting to work in a creative environment is never boring.


Last updated: 21 August 2020