Graham Street is home to some of Auckland’s favourite breakfast, brunch and lunchtime eateries, as well as places to go to relax and indulge in a little bit of pamper time. Set one street back from Victoria Street, grab a bite and pull up a chair outside Scratch Bakers or let Cali Press mix up a delicious juice or smoothie before you stroll down to Victoria Park. Despite its size, this little street has a lot to offer so head on over to the places below and enjoy the community atmosphere. 

Scratch Bakers | 5 Graham Street


This classic artisan bakery provides delicious breads and sweet baking to a number of restaurants around Auckland central, so you may have even tasted their breads in the past without knowing. But to be sure, drop by their spacious cafe space and delight in their range of baked goods that also include pastries and mouth-watering cakes. 

Major Sprout | 21 Graham Street


Whether it’s a Sunday brunch or a quick lunchtime catch up a visit to Major Sprout feels like a little get away amidst the busy week. Offering guests an exciting hybrid menu consisting of east asian inspired dishes along with an array of sweet treats and coffee from Wellington roastery Flight Coffee, Major Sprout can easily become the highlight of your week or your new go-to lunch spot. Oh, and everything on the menu is highly Instagrammable - an added bonus! 

Toshi Sushi | 2/24 Graham Street 

Sushi on display

Quick and simple, self-serve sushi is one of the great ways to enjoy lunch in Auckland city centre and Toshi Sushi doesn’t disappoint. The sun filled interior is the perfect place to perch and watch the lunch rush go by as you dig into fresh fish and produce in carefully constructed rice rolls.

Caci | 29 Graham Street 


If it’s not food you’re in pursuit of to treat yourself, pop into Caci at the end of Graham Street and indulge in some beauty therapy at one of the country’s most recognised beauty clinics. Offering result-driven treatments Caci specialises in a range of skin care procedures designed to bring out the best qualities in each individual. Let the wonderful staff guide you through this relaxing space and the best options to suit your wants and needs. 

Elk Eatery | 2/5 Graham Street 

This unassuming eatery is the perfect place for a breakfast catch up with friends. Specialising in health focused meals, Elk Eatery offers excellent cabinet options as well as exciting seasonal dishes which makes each visit as intriguing as the last. Here you’ll be treated to a cosy dining experience and lively atmosphere. 

Last updated: 21 November 2019