Victoria Park is a hybrid area of bustling excitement while also being a place of cool serenity, serving as a great place for those who work or live close by to stroll through on their lunch break or after clocking off for the day. As one of the inner city’s largest green areas this special location has been designed to offer an array of activities and services. From open-air markets to rooftop bars, this unique precinct is a must visit. 

For some time in nature, head down to Victoria Park on a sunny day for a fresh-air fix. Constructed on reclaimed land and opening in 1905, the park's walkways are lined with mature London plane trees which in Autumn evoke a European seasonal change as the leaves turn from green to reds and slowly fall from their branches. In the weekends, around midday, you’ll see a range of sports teams going head to head, along with people getting their daily exercise in whether it be via instructed fitness workouts or a casual stroll with a four-legged friend. During the week, offices and studios have naturally gravitated toward the park to allow workers to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle which values health and well-being, encouraging the balance between work and play. 

Park go-ers strolling

Next, cross the road and venture into the historic Victoria Park Market, a series of brickwork buildings originally developed in 1908 to deal with the city’s waste collection. These rustic buildings have since been transformed into unique workspaces and eateries creating a vibrant culture of creativity in a space reminiscent of open-air arcades of the past. Within these walls is where the farmers market takes place (open every Sunday from 8 am till 12 midday). Here, you’ll be able to discover some of Auckland's best locally grown produce and artisan creations. 

Old fashioned building

Victoria Park comes with rich heritage and a buzzing nightlife and cafe scene. 

If you’re still hungry after some time at the markets, check out one of the eateries within the walls, or head on up to Graham Street, one street back from Victoria Street, full of great spots for a coffee and bite to eat. Our favourites include Major Sprout and Rude Boy.

Fancy a drink? Popular rooftop bar La Zeppa overlook the park from the markets upper levels and serve as a great place to enjoy sun-filled afternoons and picturesque views of the park at night. There are also some other unique bars within the area, such as Sweatshop Brew Kitchen, where live music is played, and Dice and Fork, the city centre’s only board game bar and eatery, with a delicious menu and more than 140 games to choose from. 

A meal and boardgames on a table

Victoria Park has seen a great deal of change throughout its life and with the addition of unique restaurants and boutiques at the park’s edge, the area continues to evolve as a new generation enjoys all that a grand, centrally located precinct has to offer.  

Last updated: 14 January 2021