Coming back to work post-holiday isn't always easy, so as you adjust back into the nine to five, be sure to treat yourself to little moments of joy. From a morning coffee to a delicious lunch, new stationary and more, there are plenty of ways to beat the back-to-work blues.

Lunch hour activities


Lunchtime drop in drawing | Auckland Art Gallery

This weekly artistic rendezvous provides a unique opportunity to transform your lunch break into a moment of self-expression and artistic exploration. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a novice seeking a creative outlet, engage with your passion during the workweek at Auckland Art Gallery.

Great offers to make the most of

good george

The Good George Brewery | 1 Jellicoe street

Every Wednesday, break the monotony of the week with a revitalizing deal that combines a succulent burger and a delightful brew, all for an irresistible $30. Immerse yourself in the warmth of good company, flavourful bites, and refreshing sips as you recharge and tackle the remainder of the week with renewed energy.

Visit cafes unique to the city centre

Pink Neon Sign

Pink Neon Sign | 35 High Street 

As you adjust back into your working week post-holiday, small wins make all the difference. A foolproof place to start is coffee and lots of it. If you find yourself in the High Street District, we highly recommend a trip to Pink Neon Sign. From its superior coffee to its cool interior and great hospitality, this coffee shop will hit you with the serotonin boost you need to get through your day. Get more inspiration with these guides to the best coffee spots in the High Street District and Britomart

Treat yourself to lunch


Ortolana | 33 Tyler Street 

If you're struggling to get through your humpday or looking to indulge in a celebratory Friday lunch, Ortolana is a great spot to find yourself. Located in the stunning setting of the Britomart Pavilions, this spot is an exquisite haven to take some time out. 

New additions to check out


Kajiken | 3 O'Connell Street

Your favorite ramen spot is bringing a taste of its renowned culinary mastery to New Zealand, offering an exclusive sneak peek during their soft opening phase.

Revitalise your workspace

city jungle

City Jungle | 23 Customs Street East

A new plant is the perfect way to bring vibrancy and life back to a dull, dreary workspace – plus, why not challenge yourself with the task of keeping it alive and thriving! The experts at City Jungle by Snickel Lane Florist, will make sure you walk away with the right plant for you, whether it’s a Bonsai, Monstera or succulent. 

Buy yourself something new

Clothes on the rack

Moochi |  Commercial Bay, 7 Queen Street

There’s nothing quite like a spot of retail therapy to beat the back to work blues. Nestled in the vibrant Commercial Bay, Moochi offers a curated selection of simple yet stylish basics, ideal for the office, as well as bold and daring styles perfect for a weekend look. From classic essentials to fashion-forward ensembles, Moochi has something for every occasion.

Pick up an afternoon treat


Bluebells Cakery | Commercial Bay 

When the 3pm sugar cravings hit, why not swap your muesli bar for a much more desirable sweet treat? Bluebells Cakery stocks beautifully balanced, light cupcakes in a range of flavours - think carrot, chocolate, banana or lemon. If that's not your cup of tea, one of their macarons, slices or loaves might do the trick. 

 Indulge in an ice cream


TSUJIRI | 10-14 Lorne Street

Summer is the season for ice cream and who says you can't indulge on a work day? TSUJIRI is far from your run of the mill scoop, with premium matcha, ensuring a rich and authentic flavor profile that captivates connoisseurs and newcomers alike - take a colleague on your lunch break or go on an after-dinner dessert mission! 

Enjoy a post-work drink

Sunset Bar

Sunset Bar | 63-67 Nelson Street 

What better way to pretend you're still on holiday than with drinks in what's left of the evening sun. Boasting impeccable views, music, delicious drinks and food, Sunset Bar is the perfect spot to soak up these long summer nights. Find more rooftop bar inspiration here. Or, click here to check out the bars with epic happy hour specials.

Last updated: 18 January 2024