We’ve put together a list of salads that are so much more than leaves and dressing - make sure to grab one next time you’re wandering the city looking for lunch.

Bird on a Wire raw beetroot salad

Bird on a Wire | 21 Queen St | Raw beetroot salad, $13.90 regular or $19.50 large

If you’re pressed for time but don’t want to sacrifice your taste buds, grab one of these on the go. This salad is filling, freshly made and bursting with flavour, courtesy of their moreish spinach and ample vinaigrette. 


Wynyard Pavilion | 17 Jellicoe St | Kawaii Noodle Bowl salad, $24

If you’re in the mood for bold Japanese flavours, look no further. Rice noodles are topped with pickled carrots, toasted peanuts, sesame mayo and avocado. Best paired with a summers day outdoors in the Wynyard Pavilion.

Servings of food

Revive Cafe | 24 Wyndham Street | Small salad box (2 choices), $14

It's hard to make choices at Revive, so we like to go with the salad box option where we don't have to pick just one! The small is a perfect size for lunch, but if you're feeling extra hungry then you can opt for regular (3 choices, $17) or large (4 choices, $19.) Pick from options like Asian slaw, Thai satay rice noodles with tofu, Moroccan roasted cauliflower and roasted kumara with sweet chili ginger dressing & sesame seeds.


Hello Mister | 29a Customs Street West (AMP Tower) | Aunty Bun, $11

Come lunchtime, there’s always a queue at Hello Mister so you know it's going to be good! Here at Heart of the City, we LOVE their bun (pronounced boon) with fresh cabbage, carrot, cucumber, mint, coriander peanuts, chilli and their signature sauce, then topped with your choice of meat (the lemongrass chicken is very popular) and a couple of crispy spring rolls.


Toss | 1/143 Wellesley St | Buffalo Blue salad, $18.50

This one’s for the lovers of strong flavours. Tangy, spicy buffalo sauce-coated chicken is paired with the creamy tang of blue cheese and crunch of croutons for a lunch that packs a punch. 


East | 63-67 Nelson St | Vietnamese Rice Noodle salad, $28

Known for excellent vegetarian cuisine, East has whipped up their version of a Vietnamese favourite, featuring tasty tofu satay skewers and a tangy dipping sauce. 


Le Chef | 13 O'Connell St | La Salade Lyonnaise, $32.50

Hailing from Lyon, the debatable gastronomic capital of France, you can’t get much more classic than this. This protein packed dish that couples bitter greens, crisp bacon and gently cooked eggs with a warm vinaigrette is the perfect balance of health and taste. 


H&T Kitchen | 21 Queen St | menu changes weekly, $17.90

One try of H&T Kitchen and it could very well become your new go-to. Their menu changes weekly and brings fresh, seasonal vegetables weekly topped with protein options along the likes of bang bang cauliflower through to braised beef. 

Last updated: 06 June 2023