Discover hidden gems, try new experiences and do something a little bit different in the heart of the city

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Do what you always do, or don't

In the city centre, fun and frivolity is waiting to be had at every turn - with must-do activities, menus, shows, bars and more to see and try here, and only here.

So on your next visit, do what you always do... or don't! Branch out, break the mould, do something a bit outside the box, and pair activities together that might not usually go hand in hand. Because that's how new discoveries and memories are made!

See some thought starters below, or build your own with our experience selector and must-see guides. 

Pictured: A sweet and salty experience! Pair BODA's Fondue offering with a visit to catch to action at Auckland Fish Market. 
Go for the unexpected sweet and salty

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