Silo Park Playline

A new play area now runs alongside Silo Park’s southern edge. The pipes and fittings salvaged from the Bulk Storage Terminal (BST) tanks of the old working Wynyard Wharf have been transformed into bespoke, interactive play equipment. Each pipe holds its own adventure, and adventurers of all ages will have heaps of fun getting stuck in and seeing what they discover.

Some of our favourite features include the Liquid pipe where you can take turns using the leaver to move liquid between the tanks as the pipes light up! The Talking tube that will have you speaking into one end to a friend on the other, the Misting controller that cools you down on these hot summer days, and the double swing set which will have you swinging high above Silo Park! 


Image credit: Samuel Hartnett


A - Liquid pipe
Take turns using the lever to move liquid between the tanks as the pipes light up!

B - Tank lighting controller 

C - Balance beam 
Test your balance as you navigate two salvaged pipes that cross over each other! Look out for the valve on your way…

D - Talking tube
Speak into one end to a friend on the other 

E - Misting controller 
Cool down under this misty microclimate on hot summer days 

F - Lighting feature

G - Double swing set 
Have twice the fun swinging high above Silo Park, with animated lights for Silo Summer nights 

H - Acoustic pipes 
Make the liquids move at the push of a button. Can you hear it go?

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Last updated: 23 December 2022

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