Britomart will undergo a substantial transformation just in time for America's Cup and APEC, a major event combo that will put  Auckland's city centre in the global spotlight.  

Construction has already begun on the new 10-floor The Hotel Britomart designed by Cheshire Architects. The unique aesthetic features of the hotel, including a cobbled square and distinctive brick exterior with irregularly placed windows, will link the building with its unique heritage environs.  

In addition to the lobby, The Hotel Britomart’s beautiful ground floor will welcome new eateries and stores.

The neighbouring Masonic and Buckland heritage buildings that face onto Customs Street will also get a revamp with a new laneway between the old and new buildings connecting the hotel's main entrance with Customs Street through the Masonic Building.

The changes in the precinct will also include new public streets and spaces. Galway Street will be transformed into a shared space during the hotel construction process, making the area even more appealing for pedestrians.

The Britomart-facing entrance opening out to a plaza that will become a pedestrian access way and a space for people to meet and spend time.

Thanks to all these exciting changes, the precinct will take its hospitality offering to the next level to become an even better destination for work and play.

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Last updated: 25 June 2019