Keen for a bite to eat before work but running low on time? Don’t settle for anything less than a wholesome and hearty breakfast option in the city centre, where you won’t have to wait a long time, but you’ll still leave satisfied and full. Here’s our picks for the best on the go breakfast spots in the heart of the city. 

Salmon bagel-best-ugly-bagels

Salmon bagel | Best Ugly Bagels | 90 Wellesley St W

If you’re on the go but still want a satisfying meal to start your day, then Best Ugly Bagels has got you sorted. The Montreal-style bagels are hand rolled and woodfired, the bagels are like no other. Our personal favourite is the salmon bagel, which comes with smoked regal king salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers, dill, and lemon juice. A mouth-watering and most importantly protein-filled breakfast to give you energy for your busy work day ahead.


Smashed Avo | Giraffe | 87 Customs Street West

Start your day right at Giraffe Restaurant by the waterfront. This chic spot opens its doors at 7:30am every day, making it the perfect spot for breakfast. Enjoy the classic smashed avocado on toast, featuring a delightful combination of creamy avocado topped with crumbled feta, fresh spring onions, perfectly poached eggs, juicy tomatoes, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Giraffe also offers a diverse array of breakfast options to suit every palate. Whether you're craving freshly baked brioche, hearty omelettes, or a wholesome french toast, Giraffe has you covered.


Vanilla pancakes | The Lunchroom | Level 1/45 Queen St

The Lunchroom should be your next breakfast choice in the city for a number of reasons. It’s atmosphere is sun-filled and airy, the food options are nourishing and healthy, and it’s the ideal break before you enter the real world. The vanilla pancakes are indulgent but still hearty, featuring blueberry compote, lemon curd mascarpone, oat crumble, and maple. If you are in the mood, add some maple bacon as a side too.


Cheese toastie | Chuffed | 43 High St 

Chuffed is tucked away just off of High St, and boasts an impressive selection of cabinet food which sells out quickly, so don’t be late. The cheese toastie comes with caramelised onion relish, provolone and vintage cheddar. It’s a simple combination but it sure packs a punch. Enjoy with some cold brew in the hidden seating area oasis in the back of Chuffed if you have some time, or simply take it away with you. 


Bacon and egg brioche | Lawn Café | 12 Viaduct Harbour Avenue

Lawn is your new local go-to in The Viaduct Harbour. Come in for a coffee meeting or grab a little something on the go. We particularly love the bacon and egg brioche. It’s divine and they make delicious house sauces that take it to the next level.


Breakfast burrito | Remedy Coffee | 1 Wellesley St W 

There are many pros to a breakfast burrito: it’s full of flavour and hearty ingredients, and it’s easy to eat and take on the go with you. At Remedy Coffee, the breakfast burrito is filled with spinach, salsa, an egg, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and refried beans. It sounds like a difficult to resist breakfast option to start the day off just right. Remedy also specialises in an impressive selection of filter coffee so don’t miss out!


Tropical Chia Pudding | Spectra Cafe | 15 Customs St W 

Located in the PwC building, Spectra is a relatively new cafe which is a great option for busy commuters looking for a quick bite to eat. The menu features seasonal and innovative takes on classic breakfast and lunch food. The Tropical Chia pudding is a perfect choice for an easy to eat breakfast when you’re in a hurry. It comes with a fresh Mango coulis, coconut cream, and a medley of seasonal fruit, leaving you satisfied and energised. 


English muffin | Kingston Street Cafe | 16 Kingston St 

Located right in the midst of the heart of the city, The Kingston Street Cafe is a go-to destination for a coffee break for many. There’s also a solid variety of cabinet food to take with you if you are feeling peckish. The pastries are baked fresh onsite and one great choice for your first meal of the day is a classic English muffin, toasted to perfection! 


Baguette with chopped egg & chive | Daily Bread | 30 Customs St E

Daily Bread has quickly become an Auckland institution, with multiple locations around the city. They are well known for their fresh bread baked daily, alongside a delicious menu featuring their creations. Their fresh sandwiches are not to be missed, especially the baguette with chopped egg and chive. Take it with you on your commute, and sip on some freshly pressed orange juice, or some filter coffee. 

Last updated: 17 April 2024