It’s Dry July – the perfect time to explore if you’re feeling sober curious. With more people than ever choosing not to imbibe, there's an increasing array of gorgeous alcohol-free cocktails poured at the hottest spots in the city centre. 

So no matter the reason, next time you’re looking for a non-alcoholic tipple, ditch the juice and try some of these lush drops instead.

Churchill St, $22 | Bar Albert 

On the 38th floor of voco Auckland is Bar Albert. It beautifully blends breathtaking views of the city centre with luxe art deco inspired décor and seasonal cocktails crafted using predominately local ingredients. It’s got a full list of alcohol-free cocktails, but our pick is the Churchill Street. The classically earthy pairing of black tea and (de alcoholised) whiskey is given a bit of a citrus oomph with some clarified orange juice. For folks who like subtle but complex flavours.

Kiwifruit, $17 | Amano

One for the fruit-lovers that blends Seedlip Grove 42, kiwifruit, lemon, apple and mint. This sweet but tangy beverage is well balanced, and pairs perfectly with any number of Amano’s exquisite menu. 

Raspberry Yuzu Sour | Hello Beasty

A non-alcoholic and contemporised twist on a truly classic cocktail The Clover Club. The original is unusual because it’s one of the classics that blends gin and raspberries. This version sees Seedlip Grove 42, raspberry, yuzu and egg white shaken, strained and served straight up without ice. The tartly floral addition of yuzu gives it the East-Asian Twist we’ve come to know and love with Hello Beasty’s fusion fare. 

Hello Beasty Seedlip mocktail
Amano Seedlip mocktail
Bar Albert

Secret Garden | Café Hanoi

if you’re after an alcohol-free cocktail that works with the dishes on offer at Café Hanoi, the Secret Garden is what you’re after. Made with rosemary, thyme, yuzu, Seedlip Garden and citrus, it’s a tart, savoury beverage that will suit the richer offerings found on the menu of this Vietnamese favourite. 

Café Martini, $18 | The Sugar Club

Most of the eateries you’ll find at SkyCity have an excellent range of alcohol-free cocktails on offer, but we can’t go past their Veneto Spritz - a beautifully refreshing mix of Lyre's Italian Orange and Sparkling Classico with eldeflower cordial. 

Sangria Vergine, $17 | MoVida

Sangria and Seaviews are a match made in heaven and MoVida has an abundance of both. Blending Lyre’s Italian Orange with Blackberry Shrub, Apple and Ginger Ale, it’s got a refreshingly sweet, juicy bite that’s perfect for those long languid lunches.

The Sugar Club mocktail
Cafe Hanoi Seedlip mocktail

Amaretto Sour | Depot Eatery and Oyster Bar

Yes, it’s another non-alcoholic take on a classic cocktail, but if it’s not broke, why fix it? Amaretto Sours have been around since the mid-1970s and have become a firm favourite as a lighter alternative to its sibling, a Whiskey Sour. Depot have perfected their abstemious – and vegan - take on it. Lyre’s Amaretti, lemon juice and sugar syrup are mixed and strained into a chilled sour glass before topping it off with aquafaba. 

Ku-Kum-Bah or Ohana, $12 | Talulah

If the winter blues are hitting you hard, escape to the tropical South Pacific paradise of Talulah. These cocktail conoisseurs also know how do sling some seriously delicious mocktails. Quench your thirst with the refreshing Ku-Kum-Bah, made with apple, lime, orgeat, mint and cucumber. For something sweet and fruity, the Ohana, with orange, cranberry, lime, orgeat, soda and sugar is the way to go. 

Depot Amaretto Sour mocktail
Talulah mocktails
Last updated: 03 July 2023