There’s a wine bar for every wine lover in Auckland, and we’ve got the best places to visit in the heart of the city. 

Bellota | SKYCITY Grand Hotel, 91 Federal Street

Glasses of wine on a table

Bellota’s exclusively Spanish wine list transports you to the laneway bars of Europe. Indulge in the carefully curated flavours that are sourced from little-known producers and experience the authentic selection of tapas to pair with your glass of wine. 

La Fuente | Snickel Lane 

Glasses of wine on a table

La Fuente

Tucked into an intimate space down Snickel Lane, La Fuente is a wine bar and ‘shoppe’ that invites customers to taste fruitful wine and mezcal. Explore the unique wine menu, accompanied with their famous guacamole and knowledgeable service by wine curator and owner, Edmundo Farrera. 

The Glass Goose | 78 Federal Street 

Glasses of wine on a table

Sit amongst Auckland’s secret rooftop oasis inspired by the tranquility of a garden glass house. Escape the fast paced city with a selection of New Zealand’s favourite wines that go hand in hand with The Glass Goose cheese platter. 

My Bar | 12 Durham Street East 

Glasses of wine on a table

My Bar’s changing wine menu ensures that the newest and freshest wines are available to customers. Specialising in New Zealand boutique wines, this contemporary wine bar features outdoor seating as well as a warm, relaxed indoor space. 

Amano | 66-68 Tyler Street

Glasses of wine on a table

Amano’s rustic, Italian inspired fare is what keeps the restaurant amongst Auckland’s top picks. Taste the assortment of dessert wines after a meal of pasta and seafood and end the night on a sweet note. 

Huami Bar | 87 Federal Street

Bar area

Huami Bar

Step behind the big red doors of Huami and discover the thoughtfully curated wine list by New Zealand’s only Master Sommelier, Cameron Douglas. Sit amongst the intimate booths and take in the ambience of this gem of Federal Street.  

Hugo’s Bistro | 67 Shortland Street

Bar area

Perch at the marble bar top and explore the extensive list of New Zealand, Australian and European wines from Hugo’s Bistro, an all-day bistro bringing a sophisticated European vibe to a heritage building on Shortland Street in the city centre. 

Masu | SkyCity Grand Hotel, 90 Federal Street 

Glass of wine on a table

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of Masu and order a round of japanese rice wine. Cleanse your palate with the diverse aromas of wines and sakes as you dine amongst the simplistic, clean décor.

Last updated: 17 October 2019