Auckland city centre is dotted with one-of-a-kind eateries that create incredible dishes. Discover the meals that have become famous amongst restaurant go-ers and experience the memorable tastes served. 

Gurnard crayfish ravioli, $19/piece | Baduzzi |10-26 Jellicoe Street

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Baduzzi’s gurnard and crayfish ravioli, topped with tomato butter, is a succulent and creamy pasta dish that is handmade daily and cooked to order. The traditional recipe is a timeless creation as well as a chef favourite.

Fried chicken waffle, $16 | Orleans | 48 Customs Street East

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Orleans is home to authentic Southern classics that have all the hearty flavours you’ve been craving. The fried chicken waffle is not to be missed - drizzled with maple chipotle, crisp sage and herb butter, this soulful dish is a crowd pleaser. 

Seared lemongrass beef, $25 | Cafe Hanoi | Excelsior Building, Corner of Galway & Commerce Street

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Most tables will have this traditional Vietnamese dish on their table. Cafe Hanoi’s seared lemongrass beef features pickled vegetables, rice noodles and peanuts, creating indulgent textures to leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. 
Shallot tart, $28 | Hugo’s Bistro | 67 Shortland Street

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Hugo’s are famous for their modern interpretations of bistro classics which change every season dependent on the fresh ingredients available to the kitchen. Order the shallot tart accompanied with aged balsamic and goat’s curd for an abundance of rich flavours. 

Korean fried cauliflower, $17 | Hello Beasty | 95-97 Customs Street West

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Hello Beasty’s take on ‘KFC’ is a popular choice amongst vegetarian diners. Glazed with spicy gochujang and roasted sesame seeds, taste cauliflower like never before. Bite through the irresistible crunchy shell and savour the sweet and chilli sauces that cover the bite sized cauliflower. 

Crisp soft-shell crab, $25 | Ebisu | Union Fish Company Building, 116-118 Quay Street

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Ebisu’s crisp soft-shell crab is a staff pick and restaurant must-try. The crab comes with wasabi and orange ponzu, making an exquisite combination of spice and fresh citrus. Treat your taste buds to this innovative dish that gives Ebisu its reputable title. 

Last updated: 23 July 2019