Lorne Street is home to the city’s best variety of Asian-inspired tea boutiques. We are almost spoilt for choice when it comes to the great sweet teas on offer though we’ve narrowed the options down to get you started on this flavour journey. Just like coffee, going out for tea is a great social occasion, and Lorne Street’s tea spots are no exception. Bustling with activity throughout the day a visit to one of these tea spots is an experience in itself.

Tsjuiri Latte, from $8.40 | Tsjuiri | 10-14 Lorne Street

Latte and cake

Matcha tea, Tsujiri

Discover your love for green tea with a visit to one of Japan's favourite tea shops. Most notable among the Tsujiri matcha tea line up, the Tsjuiri Latte, as the name suggests combines a generous serving of milk with the coveted matcha powder crafted in a way that resembles a beautifully fluffy latte. Combined with a sweetener this drink is delicious hot or cold.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea, $7 | Meet Fresh | 6-8 Lorne Street

Brown sugar milk tea

Although simple, this sweet brew will fill you with joy as the delicate boba roll around the cup. Meet fresh offer a huge range of sweet teas and smoothies and while you’re here, why not try a taro bowl, arranged with your choice of sweet potato balls and ice cream, the perfect match to a sweet tea.    

Orange Black Tea, from $4.50 | Togoo Tea House | 3/33 Lorne Street


Grab yourself an iced orange black tea from Togoo tea house and enjoy the refreshingly rich taste of this historic tea blend. Perfect for a lazy afternoon in the city, Togoo Tea House offer ready to go cups if you’re in a hurry too. 

La Couronne Cakes | 5c Lorne Street


This cute little cake boutique will warm your heart with its elegant offerings of cakes and sweets. La Couronne is the perfect place to stop if you’re doing a tea and cake takeaway run. With over 50 speciality delicacies available in the cabinets alone, there’s a sweet treat here for everyone. 

Milk Foam Green Tea, From $5.20 |  Gong Cha | 7/38 Lorne Street

Milk foam green tea

Enjoy a refreshing cup of Gong Cha’s famous milk foam green tea, made from green tea leaves, spring water, fresh milk and a slightly salted milk foam to top it off. This drink can be sweetened to your liking and tastes great with the addition of playful pearls or jelly.

Last updated: 18 July 2019