Archived: Cheap Summer Lunches

No need to break the bank for a delicious bite
5 December, 2018

Here are some of our favourite affordable lunches you have to try this summer from around the city centre.

Meatball Sandwich, $9 | Amano, Britomart

This sandwich from Amano is truly a thing of beauty, the quality of the ingredients is astounding and the combination of flavours is even better. A large meatball is smashed between house baked bread, lathered in a rich tomato sauce and topped with a generous slice of cheese. This delight is best served toasted!

Teriyaki Tofu Don, $9 | Mentatz, 28 Lorne Street

The strong flavours and portion size of this meal will have you shocked at the fact that it’s only $9! Large cubes of teriyaki tofu are served on a bed of rice accompanied by thinly sliced vegetables. This meal will leave you feeling full and ready for the afternoon's activities.

Carbonara, $9.90 | Got Pasta, Elliott Street

The creamy Carbonara from Got Pasta is some great pasta at an even better price. The perfectly cooked pasta comes with a very generous serving of sauce and cheese, and although it may seem like a small meal it sure will fill you up!

Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich, $7 | The Store, Cnr Galway & Gore Streets

After finishing the Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich from The Store, there is no doubt that you'll feel a slight bit of sadness when it's gone - it's that good! Fried chicken, preserved lemon and a beautiful slaw, complete this delicious sandwich.

White Rabbit Bagel, $9 | Best Ugly Bagel, City Works Depot

This bagel from Best Ugly Bagel is covered with a good licking of Zany Zeus cream cheese, layered with juicy tomatoes, garnished with basil, and for the final touch, is drizzled with the most beautiful lemon and fennel olive oil. Enjoy in the sun in their outdoor seating area.

Poke of the Day, $9.90 | Poke Bar, Queen's Rise

After a fresh, healthy and wholesome meal? Poke Bar’s 'Poke of the Day' is the way to go. With a combination of protein, fresh vegetables, sauces, rice or salad – your body will be thanking you for this tasty fuel.

The OG pork dumplings, $9.50 | SumthinDumplin, 12 O'Connell Street

SumthinDumplin has become an incredibly popular spot on O’Connell Street since they opened a few months ago but don’t worry the line moves quickly! These dumplings have the perfect amount of crispiness and softness with a filling that's full of punchy flavours. These delights are best served with SumthinDumplin’s signature sauces.

The burger and salad, $10 | Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen, 7 Sale Street

After a lite bite or craving some carbs, Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen's $10 lunch is the perfect deal to eat some delicious food while saving some few extra bucks. Enjoy in the sun in their outdoor seating area.