Doing something out of the box in the city centre doesn't have to be expensive or boring. From free life drawing and second-hand shopping to hand pulled noodles and $5 movies, there are affordable experiences at every turn. So on your next visit to the city, do what you always do... or make memories with new experiences and unforgettable adventures! 

Life drawing & noods 

Draw a life model in a free drawing session and devour a bowl of noodles, hand pulled right in front of you. 

Join a free life drawing class at Auckland Art Gallery 

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro - grab a stool and let your creative juices flow and sketch a life model at these free lunchtime drop-in drawing sessions. 

Devour Biang Biang's hand pulled noodles 

Thick or thin? The choice is yours! Try traditional Chinese noodles hand pulled right in front of you - comfort food with a bit of a show! 

Unexpected adventures - drop-in drawing and noodles

$12 gins, $5 movies & a neon light museum 

Concoct your perfect tipple, see a movie for $5 and ascend into neon heaven. 

Concoct your own $12 gin tipple at Huami Bar 

Join this club for gin-lovers and take your pick from 40+ premium gins to mix and match with a mixer of your choice. 

Head to Academy Cinemas and catch a movie for just $5 

A $5 movie ticket on a Wednesday? Humpday plans just got easy and affordable!

Discover an epic neon light museum

Ascend to a neon heaven when you head up Real Groovy's escalators on Victoria Street and explore over 70 bright coloured signs of Auckland's past. While you're there, browse their incredible collection of vinyls. 

Interior of a cinema
Huami $12 gins
Neon light museum at Real Groovy

Mussels & Machi Machi 

Get bang for your buck with Mussel Mondays and enjoy a tea... with a twist.  

Devour half a kilo of mussels for $13 at The Occidental 

Make Mondays Mussel Mondays with The Occidental’s iconic $13 mussel pots. That's a half kilo of mussels served with frites and mayo, or go bigger with one kilo of mussels for $18. 

Try Machi Machi's tea with cream cheese foam

Tea... but not as you know it! Go foam (that’s Machi Machi’s cream cheese foam) or go home we say.

Go for the Unexpected mussels and machi machi

Seaside and seafood

Watch the museums cannon fire and shoot confetti

Explore the museum and make your way to the concourse at midday to witness the cannon fire! 

Catch the action at Auckland Fish Market

Win the morning win the day with a visit to see all the action at Auckland Fish Market – and stay for an epic meal from on

Dine on squid leg at this sushi train eatery

All aboard! This ones for the sushi fans that can't make a decision - dine on unique dishes and cult classics.

Snacks, selfies & Strangely Normal

Fresh noodles pulled right in front of you

A dining experience just as good as the food!

Say cheese at a selfie photo booth

Grab a prop, pop into the photo booth, and capture some seriously awesome pics!

Jazz up your wardrobe with a quirky print

Stand out, don't blend in with Strangely Normal's eclectic mix of menswear.

Devour this mac-n-cheese hotdog

Try this marriage of two well-loved comfort food classics - mac and cheese and American hotdogs!

Try a mozzarella potato hotdog

Surprise your tastebuds with one of these Korean style, deep fried hotdogs with a quirky menu full of unexpected flavours.