Branch out from your usual activities and try an unexpected combination of experiences found only in the heart of the city. Whether it's taking a tour of movie sets, trying exotic street food, or stumbling upon a quirky photo booth, the city centre offers an array of unique experiences for families to enjoy. Fun for the whole whānau, these unexpected experiences make for the wackiest of core memories, creating stories that will be retold for years to come. Try some of these fun combinations on your next family day out!

Cruffins, karaoke and selfies in Chancery

Take the kids to try a delectable 'cruffin' - crossiant x muffin creation before some karaoke and photobooth fun. Find more ways to do something unexpected now.

Try an interesting cruffin flavour at Luna Bakehouse

What is a cruffin you ask? A croissant mixed with a muffin! Try one for yourself at one of Luna Bakehouse's city centre locations on Chancery Street or on Elliott Street. Flavours include Biscoff, matcha, oreo and more.

Discover a coin singing booth karaoke venue | Coin Singing Booth

Bet you didn't know there were coin singing booths in Chancery Square! Jump in one of the cosy booths and choose from a large selection of songs to belt out. 

Jump in a photo booth at 4Cuts of Life

Grab a prop and pull a silly face at this fun selfie studio in Chancery Square!

Luna Bakehouse
Coin singing booth

Cook, watch, fly

Embark on a journey full of unexpected flavours!

Do what you always do. Or don't...