Free - this event is now sold out
6 NOV 2022

Who What Where When is now sold out. 

Uncover a trail of magic and mystery, as you explore Aotea Square and the Aotea Centre. On your journey, you’ll discover some very special creatures that lived here before us, as well as characters from the silliest corners of your imagination. Where is that mysterious ribbeting coming from? And is that monkey wearing a tie? 

You’ll soon see that a world of puzzles and play, rich in colour and sound, can be found in the places you least expect — and in corners of the theatre you have never seen before. You have the clues and the courage to explore both the theatrical and the natural world on a quest to find a precious taonga. 

Who What Where Now is guided by a bespoke mobile app on both Android and Apple devices. 

Perfect for ages 4-10 with adult supervision, and can be completed solo or in groups of 2 -6 people!

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Last updated: 31 August 2022