Mannequins have moved into O’Connell Street. Local video artist David Pirie has breathed creativity back into television with a scattering of CRT installations along its path. If you look closely, you will notice them… and maybe they will notice you too.

About the Artist
Conventional television has reached its conclusion of putting aside art in order to monetize content. David has repurposed his broadcast skills to test our empathy, to project beyond oneself by giving life to our mannequins through the portal of an abandoned technology. 

Locked in a window, locked in a box. Like our changing world, mannequins too are a product of humanity.
They exist to engage.
But do they have the wairua of their maker? Do they mirror us? 
They are toxic. And they are fragile. They too grow old and forgotten. Today they live another day. Visible yet invisible. Awaiting our connection.
And here we are. Their reason to exist


Look out for different mannequins as part of this Changing Lanes exhibition for Artweek 2020. You'll find them in the windows of the following O'Connell Street businesses: 

Part of Artweek in the City Centre.

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Last updated: 02 September 2020