Looking for some for lunch or even your next takeaway dinner with a decent price tag? Look no further! We've made a list of our top picks of dishes under $15.

The rolling pin salad

Sichuan Five Spice Beef, $14.50 | The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin are a crowd favourite when it comes to lunch time eats in the city centre. Why not try out their Sichuan Five Spice Beef noodle salad bowl? Packed with rice noodles, pickled cabbage, slaw, peanuts and Sichuan style slow-cooked beef, we're sure this dish will have you coming back for more next lunch time.

Katsu Sando - Hello Beasty

Katsu Sando $14.00 | Hello Beasty

Masters in the kitchen, Hello Beasty, make a delicious katsu chicken sandwich and its only $14. Crumbed chicken breast with shredded white cabbage, kewpie mayo, and tonkatsu sauce, in a toasted soft milk bun - what could be better?

waygu beef - mad samurai

Wagyu Beef Kakuni, $15.00 | Mad Samurai

We love Mad Samurai, and we really love their Wagyu Beef Kakuni. Thick cubes of slow cooked Wagyu beef in ginger sauce is all we need to make our bellies happy. Try it for yourself on your next takeaway order.

Coconut salad - bang bang kitchen

Coconut Poached Chicken Salad, $14.90 | Bang Bang Kitchen

For just $14.90, Bang Bang Kitchen serves up a majorly tasty coconut poached chicken salad. Perfect for when you're feeling like something fresh, this salad sees snow peas, mint, bean sprouts, pickled carrots and roasted peanuts added to the mix.

Grilled chicken - Aroy Thai

Grilled Chicken Skewers, $10.90 | Aroy Thai Eatery

Who isn't a sucker for peanut satay? Aroy Thai's grilled chicken skewers are great for a lunchtime snack. For $10.90 you'll get 4 marinated tenderloin chicken skewers served with a peanut satay sauce.

Lobster & Tap - crisps

Lobster Kiwi Dip & Proper Crisps, $11.90 | Lobster & Tap

How about the classic Kiwi dip with a twist? At Lobster & Tap you can get just that. For $11.90, try their classic Kiwi dip with chopped lobster and a handful of Proper Crisps.

Food truck garage - classic cheeseburger

Classic Cheeseburger, $14.50 | Food Truck Garage

What's better than a juicy cheese burger to satisfy your cravings? The classic cheeseburger at the Food Truck Garage is next level. 150g of fresh beef, double cheese, caramelized onions b&b pickles and Food Truck Garage's famous ‘Awesome sauce’.

For the vegetarians

Sumthin dumplin - the monk

The Monk, 6 pieces. $10.50 | Sumthin Dumplin

Sumthin Dumplin is a must try in the city centre for all the veggie dumpling lovers. On the menu are their Monk dumplings. These beauties use spinach wrap and are filled with tofu, shitake mushroom and bok choy, then drizzled with your choice of sauce (we suggest the Sumthin Chilli).

Best Ugly Bagels

T.A.B., $12.90 | Best Ugly Bagels

Could there be a better pairing than tomato and avocado? Best Ugly Bagels knows that this is a power combo and have highlighted this on their menu with the T.A.B bagel - tomato, avocado, basil and drizzled with lemon fennel olive oil.

For the kids

Market Galley Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips, $12.90 | Market Galley

Kids can be fussy, but we all know that fish & chips usually go down a treat. If you're looking for something quick and cheap for the kids that you know they won't protest, grab the fish & chips from Market Galley.

For dessert


Bubble Waffle, $13-$15 | Hong Kong Station (HKS)

There is nothing like a little pick me up on a gloomy day. Visit Hong Kong station for a more-ish bubble waffle. This treat takes a cake-like waffle and fills it with ice cream and a range of toppings in various flavours - we love the Monkey Butter and Maltesers Land flavours. 

Krispy Kreme

Assorted 4 Pack, $13.90 | Krispy Kreme

Donuts make everything better. Grab a 4 pack from Krispy Kreme to cure all your cravings - choose any 4 doughnuts between a wide range of flavors such as Original Glazed™, Choc Iced Sprinkles, Strawberry Jam, Caramel Iced, Strawberry Sprinkles Doughnut, Tiramisu, Nutella Dipped, Krispy Kreme with Oreo® - Original and much more. 

Hot Cross Buns, $5.50 each | Ima Cuisine 

You may be thinking that it's too early for hot cross buns but why wait to treat yourself with one or two (or more) of these mouth-watering and always sold out buns from Ima Cuisine? These brioche buns are soft, fluffy and irresistible.

Last updated: 08 March 2021