Looking for a great place to get cheap summer lunches in Auckland? As we slowly get back into our regular routine post summer holidays, you can shake things up a bit with some great new lunch spots. From favourites like salads and sandwiches, to donburi bowls and smoked salmon bagels, here are a few suggestions to keep the summer spirit alive, even if only for a lunch break. 

Indochine Kitchen

Green Papaya Salad, $19 | Indochine Kitchen, 42 Fort Street

Salads are a great light lunch, and are even better when the weather is still scorching hot and you’re back in the office sooner than hoped. Indochine Kitchen’s green papaya salad with shrimp & poached chicken, or tofu, is topped with fresh Vietnamese herbs, chilli, crispy lotus stems, prawn crackers, fried shallots & peanuts for a refreshing and light burst of flavour.

Federal Delicatessen

Turkey on Rye, $16 | Federal Delicatessen, 86 Federal Street

Sandwiches have always been a go-to when it comes to lunch, but are so often done wrong. Forget the warm and soggy one that you packed with you and head over to Federal Delicatessen where they do sandwiches right. Their mouthwatering turkey on rye comes with shaved turkey, cheddar, walnuts, cranberry and apple. Sweet and salty, soft and crunchy, it truly has it all.

Belly Worship

Chinese Burrito, $14 | Belly Worship, 41 Victoria Street West

Decked out with bright orange decor and neon lights, it’s hard to walk past Belly Worship without taking notice. Serving up delicious takes on Chinese classics in just minutes, Belly Worship aren’t joking when they say their food is fast and tasty. Known for their ‘Chinese Burrito’, you’ll enjoy juicy pork belly or an equally delicious vegan chicken option.

kai Eatery

Fried chicken bao, $9.50 | Kai Eatery, Commercial Bay & 1 Rutland Street

Kai Eatery is famous for it’s crispy fried chicken breast and for their soft and fluffy bao buns. Thankfully you don’t have to choose which to try, as they offer an incredible fried chicken bao. Served in a bed of house made slaw and chipotle, it’s somehow both the crunchiest and softest thing you’ll find, not to mention delicious.


King salmon bagel, $16.90 | Best Ugly Bagels, City Works Depot and Commercial Bay

Handrolled and wood fired every day, Best Ugly Bagels are doing the hard work to bring us the best bagels in town. A great lunch on the go, their King Salmon bagel will have you dreaming of sunny days on the water. Fresh smoked salmon, drizzled in zesty lemon juice and served with a thick helping of cream cheese, on a bagel of your choice. A must stop this season.

Oji Sushi

Tofu Donburi, $14 | Oji Sushi, 21 Queen Street

Oji Sushi likes to think local. They use local ingredients, support local businesses, and feed hungry locals too! Donburi has always been the perfect lunch, and their Tofu Donburi is the perfect one to try this new year. Saucy and rich in flavour, it will be quick to change any reservations you may have about tofu.

Last updated: 18 January 2021