Central City Gyms and Studios Offering Free Trials

The start of every year sees a new swarm of people entering gyms and fitness studios, waving their credit cards and declaring that this year is the year. That’s all fair and well, until statistics show just how many people stick with their memberships (hint: it’s abysmal). Whether or not you have been one of these individuals before, we suggest taking a different strategy for 2018 to ensure that, in fact, it will be the year, once and for all.

Many gyms and fitness studios nowadays offer free trials. Don’t pass these up as they are a great opportunity to check out whether the facility is right for you. Also, don’t be afraid to test different styles of fitness, because what may work for that Instagram fitness star might not work for you, as we all have different bodies that respond to different types of training. We’ve wrapped up the top four spots in central Auckland that gift free trials and classes to facility scouters, so you can make an informed decision about where to land your fitness commitment.

Les Mills Britomart
​2 Britomart Place

Body Combat, Body Attack, Body Balance, Body Step…the list goes on and on. If you’re not familiar with the styles already, you’ve probably heard someone exalt about the collection of Les Mills fitness classes, and for good reason too – Les Mills is a New Zealand based fitness phenomena, and it’s never too late to jump on this bandwagon that has become an international movement.  Les Mills Britomart offer one day free day pass to its gym and classes. Sign up for it on their website or call the studio to book in a day to explore the world-class facilities. We can promise you this much – you’ll be in for a treat.

Ground Floor, 12-26 Swanson Street​

JustWorkout is a 24-hour fitness hub at the heart of Auckland city, making it a popular place for those who work night shifts or just long, long hours. You will be pleased to hear that just as much as time is not an issue, affordability isn’t as well. JustWorkout’s memberships are reasonably priced, and for its central location and quality equipment, this one is perfect for those wading into the fitness world for the first time. You can sign up for a no strings attached gym pass for free by signing up on their website, and enjoy the full suite of fitness services before deciding whether it is for you.

District Fitness
Level 2, 125 Queen Street

Not one for big gyms and their big equipment? No worries. District Fitness recently sprung in the central city, offering one-of-a-kind studio based fitness classes that focuses on customer experience and individualized services. District Fitness has a three-tier studio structure, composed of Cycling, HIIT and Mind Body. Their barre fitness classes are quickly becoming a hit, so be quick to snap up a free class pass to see what the buzz is all about. Rather than using a membership structure, District Fitness allows its participants to purchase class by class, making fitness work around your schedule. Oh, and the bonus? Friendly, professional and totally unintimidating instructors.

Habit Vero
48 Shortland Street

Habit Vero is commonly known as the health and fitness centre city corporates send their employers to. We think it’s bit of a treat, given its gorgeous light coloured interior and central location (off the famed Shortland Street, no less). But this facility is also open for non-corporate related memberships and casual one-off visits, making its world-class environment all the more accessible. If you’re looking to invest in a workout space with a bit of luxe (maybe Lululemon gear motivates you plenty), then pay a visit to Habit Vero to sign up for a no obligation free pass, and discover how well-heeled corporate executives keep their physiques in tip top shape.

With all these options within walking distance of one another, who’s up for a try-it-all?

Last updated: 23 November 2018