It was World Vegetarian Month in October, the celebration of all things vegetarian, commencing with World Vegetarian Day on October 1 and ending with World Vegan Day on November 1. To celebrate we have rounded up some of the city centre’s best eats available for contactless pick up or delivery.

For breakfast


Acai Bowl, $15.90 | Misters

Famous for their detailed and delectable bowls. The Acai Bowl is made with blended organic acai, blueberries, raspberries and banana, and topped with passionfruit, granola and freeze dried berries. The vibrant bowl makes for an appetising breakfast that will keep you fueled all morning. Order online here.

For lunch


Big Poutine burger, $12.90 | Lord of the Fries

Acclaimed as the ''Southern Hemisphere’s best poutine burger'', Lord of the Fries’ innovative and award-winning creation is not to be missed. The burger is jammed with gravy, cheese-laden, veggie beef patty, onion and garlic mayo – plus it can also be made vegan-friendly. Reach for sweet potato fries with Belgium sauce on the side to complete the feast. Lord of the Fries’ delicious, vegetarian-friendly menu will keep you busy as it offers original takes on favourite classics. Order online here.


Crispy spring rolls, $18 | East

These spring rolls are a refreshing change from the traditional version. Crispy on the outside, they are filled with glass noodles and mushroom, and are accompanied by a delicious salty and sour nam jim sauce for dipping. Plus, East's whole menu is vegetarian and vegan so you can order up a whole feast without having to scan the menu to find the veggie items. Order online here.


Margarita pizza $18 | Wynyard Pavilion

This classic pizza showcases the colors of the Italian flag, green from the basil, white from the melted buffalo mozzarella and red from the fresh and tomato sauce. Gluten free bases are also available at no extra cost. Order your pizza online here.

For dinner


Aromatic vegetable curry, $25 | Cafe Hanoi

This curry is packed with goodies like lotus root, shiitake mushrooms, Asian eggplant, okra, potato and green beans, topped with crispy curry leaves, kaffir lime leaf, crushed peanuts and sesame seeds. It's got a careful balance of texture and flavour and is vegan friendly, gluten free and dairy free. Order online here.


Vegetarian meal kit for two, $90 | Cassia

This vegetarian meal kit for two from Cassia to enjoy at home includes two paneer Tikka sliders for a snack, roasted carrot with vindaloo cream and macadamia as an entree, a stir-fry of seasonal vegetables for the main, served with a side of rice and naan before tiramisu for dessert. All the components of this meal kit are already cooked, you just need to reheat and enjoy! Order online here.


Pea Risotto, $26 | Vivace

If you're craving a delicious and authentic Italian risotto, make sure to try Vivace's amazing creation served with mint, feta, lemon and rocket. Available as a vegan dish. Pair it with a delicious pinot gris and voila! Order online here.

Last updated: 02 November 2021