High Street Pilot project

High Street's got more space for people

A trial to make High Street a great place to be

If you’ve been in High Street lately you might have noticed some changes pointing to the future for the character-packed street known for great shopping from menswear to gifts and cafe life.

We’ve been working with the High Street community and council to explore ideas for how High Street could look and work in the future. Some temporary trials are underway, with more footpath space meaning you're not dodging elbows and spilling your coffee, and planters adding a flourish of greenery and even some fruit and medicinal herbs. There are more loading zones too, to help businesses keep their shelves stocked for your convenience!

In March 2020, the changes moved up the street, so there's now room for window-shopping galore all the way from Shortland Street to Durham Street East. 

The businesses in the area are excited to see the changes - see what they had to say here.

Unity Books quote about High Street Pilot project stage 2
Trainers quote about High Street Pilot project stage 2
Alchemy Equipment quote about High Street Pilot project stage 2

See what people had to say about first stage installed in October 2019, as well as some late night behind-the-scenes footage from the install.

Find out more about the High Street Pilot project.

There are so many exciting projects happening right now to create our future city centre - and many of them will be completed or hit big milestones by the end of 2020. See more about the projects transforming the city’s streets, public spaces and transport - or find out what the changes mean for businesses and a successful city centre economy

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Last updated: 18 March 2020

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