The Hotel Britomart - artist's impression of the view from Takutai Square

Britomart is getting even better

These 9 excellent blocks have even more tricks up their sleeve

Britomart is a picture perfect city centre destination, with its magical fairy lights, thought-provoking art, fashionable denizens and instagrammable desserts.

Over the past two decades, Britomart’s owners have worked to entirely reimagine what used to be a faded industrial precinct - and there’s still more of this incredible transformation process yet to come. 

Next off the ranks, is NZ’s first 5 Green Star hotel, The Hotel Britomart, which will also open up a brand new pedestrian laneway complete with new shopping and dining outlets between Galway and Customs street. 

Café Hanoi is one of the restaurants moving into the new location, and Café Hanoi’s old space is being taken over by a new restaurant by acclaimed chef Michael Meredith. 

Britomart’s also an important link in the new City Rail Link underground metro and the train station in the heritage Chief Post Office building is being upgraded as part of the project. The end of 2020 is a big milestone for Britomart Station, with the main entrance and the public square it will face onto in lower Queen Street both due to open. In the middle of 2021 another new square will open on the Britomart side of the train station.

Find out more about Britomart Group’s plans for the precinct here.

There are so many exciting projects happening right now to create our future city centre - and many of them will be completed or hit big milestones by the end of 2020. See more about the projects transforming the city’s streets, public spaces and transport - or find out what the changes mean for businesses and a successful city centre economy.

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Last updated: 27 March 2020

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