9 JUN 2023

Yerin Baek debuted in 2012 as one-half of a K-pop duo, 15&, and was immediately recognized for her unique and awe-inspiring vocals. Her musical contribution to the hit K-Drama "Crash Landing on You", ’Here I Am Again,’ brought her international fame, which has led her to tours in North America and now Asia-Pacific.

Through consecutive releases including her "FRANK" EP (2015), "Bye bye my blue" (2016), and her 2019 album "Our love is great", Baek soon established herself as a solo singer-songwriter whose warm voice and persona spreads genuine and far-reaching comfort, sympathy, hope, and love to fans across the globe.

In 2019, Baek launched her music label Blue Vinyl and released "Every letter I sent you.", whose lead track ‘Square (2017)’ became the first all-English song to top all Korean charts despite linguistic barriers. The next year, Baek took yet another leap forward with the darker "tellusboutyourself", displaying her ever-growing musical spectrum and master finesse.
From soul to R&B, dream pop to grunge rock, Baek’s music consistently defies expectations. Following the 10th anniversary of her debut release back in 2012, Baek looks ahead to her thriving future in the global music scene.

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Last updated: 28 February 2023