Archived: NZIFF Autumn Events 2017

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New Zealand International Film Festival’s Autumn Events are back with another exciting season of classic films and premieres.

This year's programme will delve into dreams, love, relationships and the evolution of the universe. From the fairy tale world of Hans Christian Andersen to the iconic streets of New York, there is a lot to explore through this year's repertoire. Try something new or simply enjoy a good old classic.   

Autumn Events screens in Auckland from 10 to 19 May at the Civic and Academy Cinemas and the tickets are now on sale.

2017 NZIFF Autumn Events programme:

Burden of Dreams
Directed by Les Blank
The classic ‘making of’ documentary, Les Blank’s Burden of Dreams continues to enthral audiences who may never have seen Fitzcarraldo itself. The film lays out the troubled history of the production then follows Herzog and his antagonistic star Klaus Kinski into the Amazonian jungle as the four-year ordeal reaches its culmination.

Directed by George Cukor
The romantic tragedy of a worldly Parisian courtesan pressed to sacrifice her one true love by his ‘respectable’ family, Alexandre Dumas, fils’ The Lady of the Camellias and there’s rarely been a more sumptuous production than this 1936 MGM classic, and there’s never been a more exquisitely heart-breaking Camille than Greta Garbo.​

Directed by Werner Herzog
In the grandest of Werner Herzog’s fictions – inspired in part by actual events – a white-suited Klaus Kinski plays an Irish adventurer in early 20th-century Peru who dreams of building an opera house in a remote Amazon port.

The King and the Mockingbird
Directed by Paul Grimault
Based on a Hans Christian Andersen story, this classic of hand-drawn animation follows a chimney sweep and shepherdess on the run from a tyrannical king.​

Directed by Woody Allen
Shot in ravishing black & white CinemaScope by the great Gordon Willis and backed by an all-Gershwin score, Woody Allen’s romantic comedy from 1979 surely earns its title: it is one of the cinema’s great odes to New York.

A Star is Born
Directed​ by George Cukor
Judy Garland in her last great musical role finds stardom while James Mason, superb as her champion and husband, fades from studio favour in this lush, emotional Hollywood classic.

Voyage of Time: Life’s Journey
Directed​ by Terence Malick
Forty years in the making, Terrence Malick’s mind-boggling Voyage of Time takes us on a breathless trip through the birth of the stars, the evolution of life on earth and sea, and its eventual obliteration.​

Woodstock: Three Days of Peace and Music
Directed​ by Michael Wadleigh
It takes the sheer scale of the original sound and image to understand the power that Woodstock the movie held for the generation forever branded, truly or not, as its disciples.

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