Dr Michael Mosley is bringing his new live show to Auckland’s Aotea Centre on Tuesday 27 April 2021.

YOUR BODY: AN EVENING OF DISCOVERY will see Dr Mosley take the audience on a journey of discovery as he explains and enlightens us all on that most miraculous, complex, and sometimes beautiful organism that is our body.

Dr Mosley started a health revolution with the 5.2 and Fast 800 Diet.  In this brand-new show, delve into the fascinating, intricate, and little understood inner-workings of our body. Gain a deeper understanding of the phenomena that is life, how your body works, and how diet, exercise, and sleep can result in extraordinary leaps of performance and wellbeing.

Can’t sleep? Who better to deliver the recipe for a peaceful night based on ground-breaking sleep science?  Prone to insomnia, Dr Mosley has taken part in numerous sleep experiments and tested every remedy going. The result is a radical, four-week program, based on the latest science, designed to help you re-establish a healthy sleep pattern in record time.

$2 per hour to a max of $12 on weekends and a $12 flat rate for weekday evenings at The Civic car park. Find out more

Last updated: 27 October 2020