For City of Colour this May, Ryder Salon's digital screens will feature creative works that offer light and the promise of the new. 

In continuing their legacy of representing creativity through art in their windows, their digital screens will feature the work of Helena McNaught, Luke Foley-Martin, and Aasha-Samara.

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About the artists: 

Helena McNaught: Helena is a Ngāti Maniapoto based artist who works with printed image, photography, and installation art. McNaught explores topics such as sensuality, indulgence, and disgust with a desire to magnify the beauty in small imperfections of our world through photography. 

Luke Foley-Martin: Luke is a creative photographer, Having started his own photography business at 17, Luke began doing fashion and commercial work before realising his love for photography lied in capturing details, light, colours and finding beauty in the mundane. His art focuses on expressionism and conceptual abstract art, encapsulating sensory experiences. 

Aasha-Samara: Aasha is a visual artist from Mangere, South Auckland. Presenting us with a collection of emotive collage pieces, this body of work allows her to make things that feel right, certain and safe-feelings she desires during the weight of her early adulthood journey into maturing emotionally and spiritually. 

Brought to you by Ryder Salon.

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Last updated: 22 April 2022