As part of City of Colour, store fronts around the city centre will become spaces for fantastic art and light installations. Check out all there is to see below! 

Smith and Caughey's window display

Smith & Caughey's window display | 253/261 Queen Street 

Smith and Caughey's window display balances colourfully bold fashion and accessories with monochrome pieces complemented by surrounds of bright hues and bursts of geometric yet flowing patterns. Take a peek when you're next in the city for some new season fashion inspiration!⁠

Ryder Salon

Credit: Luke Foley-Martin 

Window display at Ryder Salon | 56 Customs Street East 

Continuing their legacy of representing creativity through art in their windows, Ryder Salon at Britomart is pleased to be involved as a venue in the City of Colour art project. Offering some light and the promise of the new, their digital screens will feature the work of Helena McNaught, Luke Foley-Martin, and Aasha-Samara. 

WORLD window display

Window display at WORLD | 60 Tyler Street 

Head to WORLD to check out the huge, brightly coloured gnomes in their window display! The garden gnome inhabiting gardens worldwide is somewhat an icon of popular culture. Yet despite their Disney appeal, gnomes have a complex history originating in medieval Europe. 

Incantation Orb

Image indicative only 

Incantation Orb display | 3 O'Connell Street 

This mesmerising light display will bring passersby into a state of awe and peace. We are so desperate to find peace, but in our desperation, so much of our peace is lost. By being in the orb’s presence, one slows down. 

Old McDonald's store front

Queen Street window display | 260 Queen Street 

Stroll down Queen Street to check out this awesome, vibrant display in the old McDonald's building. 

More to see... 

Don't miss other fantastic displays at the following places: 

  • Neon Autumn | Scarecrow, 33 Victoria Street East 
  • Prism | 34 Queen Street 
  • Kia Ora | 171 Queen Street 
  • Plasma | 166 Queen Street  
  • Illumination | 75 Queen Street 
  • Illumination | 131 Queen Street 
  • Illumination | 139 Quay Street

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Last updated: 23 May 2022