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Sometimes just touching the earth is enough is a new film work by Auckland artist Sarah Smuts-Kennedy.

This 60x60 second portrait of Auckland’s urban farm OMG – Organic Market Garden, located in the centre of Auckland city is a love letter to the potential of a “garden” to heal.

This is Sarah’s second portrait of a garden. The first, Beautiful Geometries was shot in 2017 while Sarah was artist-in-residence at McCahon House, Titirangi. These films explore the limitations of the camera lens to journey into space between the fragile planes of representation, abstraction, and the complicated and mysterious boundary where light shifts from the metaphysical to inhabit the material world we experience as “real”.
Screened at various locations across the city during Artweek, this film will bring nature back into the heart of the city, our place which we will re-wild together in the coming years as we begin our journey to mitigate climate change.

  • Where: Auckland Live Digital Stage, Aotea Square
  • When: 12.30 - 1.30pm each day and after dark
  • Additional locations and times to be announced

Supported by Auckland Council.

Part of Artweek in the city centre.

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Last updated: 30 July 2019