Opening at Bowerbank Ninow gallery on Thursday September 26, Level 9 is a new exhibition by Ry David Bradley. The artist continues his investigation around questions of physicality, process and the art object in the global digital ecosystem. These works, woven on a mechanical loom using a three-colour process that echoes the RGB values of an LED screen, are painterly manipulations of the manufacturing mechanisms of the global supply chain.

Using imagery sourced from the never-ending churn of social media and news, Bradley’s digital manipulations reconfigure these raw materials into oneiric compositions that are both familiar and strange, comfortable and uncanny. With their lush, textured fabric surfaces, these works manipulate the viewer’s experience of digital imagery as ephemeral, screen-bound and indeterminate, offering instead strange visions of potential futures where information is something to be touched, breathed in and felt.

Check out this exhibition while it is open to the public during Artweek in the City Centre. 

Image: Ry David Bradley, Level 9, 26 September – 19 October 2019

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Last updated: 11 September 2019