Join Aotearoa artist, ARIA as she celebrates the release of her debut EP Love Songs Till Midnight. Enjoy an hour of live music in an intimate theatre setting as ARIA, a seasoned performer, and her musical collaborators relish in the world of neo-soul, alternative R&B and pop while still bringing that unique spice that can be expected from such Aotearoa talent.

Love Songs Till Midnight speaks to topics of the heart. ARIA shares, “it’s a tapestry canvasing the range of feelings that come with the experience of love. I’ve fallen in love and rejoiced in love. I have had to work at love and I’ve failed at love. Sometimes I look back on my past loves, at the times when I chose to love differently. Other times I’m searching for love, wanting to be loved but having to let love go. I’m still learning how to receive love and ultimately I am completely and hopelessly devoted to love.”

ARIA’s rich experiences include singing with NZ Opera, writing and recording the Auckland anthem 'Friday', in the shack with Homebrew, belting top Cs in the Festival Garden for Dr Colossus, crooning backing vocals for Teeks on RNZ, playing festivals in Berlin, or laying down Mahogany Session vocals in London for Noah Slee, but this EP release sees ARIA step into the light as an accomplished solo artist. 

“I spent a lot of my music career supporting other artists and their projects. I loved to sing and make music and I enjoyed contributing to other artists’ concepts and dreams.” ARIA elaborates “I had my own songs but it didn’t really dawn on me to properly create something of my own until, after a decade of being in a supportive role, one of the band members I was collaborating with in Berlin said emphatically, “you've gotta do something of your own, Aria, you simply have to”. There were so many striving artists in Berlin, it just felt easy to say - OK, yeah! I’m going to start my own solo project!

I think in a lot of ways artists can tend to sit around waiting for someone to give them permission to start reaching for their goals. I guess that is kind of what happened at that moment. I felt empowered to become a solo artist.”

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Last updated: 03 May 2022