$15 - $25
16 AND 17 SEP 2022

What is a ‘good’ Chinese woman? How does a woman live an authentic life in a patriarchal, capitalist and colonial society?

愛,媽媽 (Love, Mum), is Cynthia Hiu Ying Lam’s debut autobiographical one-woman show, exploring the lives and relationships between herself, her mother and two grandmothers.

A matrilineal memoir that interweaves storytelling, multimedia, Chinese martial arts and song, we follow Cynthia’s journey as she navigates mental health, relationships, self-discovery and finding one’s vocation against a legacy of ancestral trauma and cultural conditioning.

“A heartfelt and deeply moving, impressionistic play” –– Stuart Hoar, playwright.

“I cried and laughed! Telling your story in such a beautiful and brave way is inspiring” – audience member.

“Any woman over the age of twenty who has pondered their mother, grandmothers or maternal figures…your play would resonate with every woman regardless of cultural background” – audience member.

“Lam is a fantastic performer and playwright, her words and movement deliver feelings and stories and reassure us that our dreams are valid, possible, and ever so human” – Dr. Stephanie Han, author.

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Last updated: 25 July 2022