With truffle season in full swing, restaurants across the heart of the city are celebrating these opulent fungi and their ability to elevate fine dining into the stratosphere or add a touch of refinement to simpler dishes. Indulge in the nutty, earthy morsels that have captured the palettes of foodies throughout history with these stunning dishes that are unique to the city centre: 


Esther | 4 Viaduct Harbour Avenue 

Esther’s celebrating truffles for the entire month, with truffles sprinkled across their entire menu as well as  special dining events. Those keen to treat themselves during their lunchbreak can head to Esther’s Truffle Love Lunch. Diners can savour the likes of  black Périgord truffle and pasture-raised eye fillet with roasted garlic and black Périgord truffle butter.

There’s also the Black Diamond Truffle Lunch, happening on Saturday, 8 July. Dyed-in-the wool truffle lovers will be spoilt by a delightfully innovative menu, using truffle across pasta, duck breast and even apple pie. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also pop up to Rooftop at QT to give their truffle-inspired bites and beverages a whirl. We’re a fan of their truffle Negroni. 

Gochu | Commercial Bay 

A truffle double down.. an iconic clash of haute cuisine with fast food that tastes so right. Think Périgord truffle, duck liver pate, hash brown, pickled cucumber and Gochu mayo. 

Onemata | 99 Halsey Street 

Meat lovers will find their truffle heaven at Onemata with their 300g scotch accompanied by a delectable truffle bèrnaise. 

Gochu truffle double down
Esther truffle dish
Esther truffle dish

A Truffle Dining Experience - Restaurant Month 2023 | Onslow | 2 August 

For one night only, indulge in luxury with a truffle themed dinner at Onslow. You'll be spoilt with a symphony of flavours over 4 courses crafted by Onslow's talented chefs. Featuring George's truffles from Riwaka and Onslow's twice baked soufflé with shaved black Périgord truffle - this is an evening not to be missed.  

A Truffle Dining Experience is now sold out!

Truffle Dining Experience at Onslow

Amano | 66-68 Tyler Street 

Their freshly, handmade pasta has won them a legion of fans and their cappelletti pasta dish is no exception. Pillowy cappelletti pasta is filled with a hearty mixture of potato, truffle and parmesan, topped with fresh truffle shavings. Just perfect for the cooler months. 

Bivacco | 115 Customs Street West

Bivacco has added some equally delicious truffle dishes to their menu to celebrate their season in the sun. From a levelled up beef carpaccio with truffle, wild garlic and pickled garlic mushroom ricotta salata to a burrata dish, served with braised tamarillo, hazelnut and rosemary crumble and of course, truffle.

Huami | 87 Federal Street 

In a perfect embodiment of their contemporary yet authentic style of cooking, Huami have elevated the humble dumpling with a terrific truffle twist. These tasty morsels are made with truffle oil, truffle jam and truffle shavings - they can't be missed. 

Ahi | Commercial Bay

Fresh truffles can be added to any dish, giving a continental twist to their celebration of authentic New Zealand food. The chefs recommend it over their celeriac pappardelle with whipped goats' ricotta, shaved courgette, roasted crosnes and almond. 

Amano truffle pasta
Truffle dish at Ahi
Huami truffle dish
Last updated: 20 July 2023