Lorne Street is a place of constant growth. With new stores emerging and long term spaces evolving there may be a few that have slipped under the radar amongst all of the excitement that the street brings about. Use this list as a guide and discover all the hidden gems in and around Lorne Street, from intriguing dining experiences to delicious dessert and flower stores, Lorne Street has so much to offer.

The Kimchi Project | 20 Lorne Street


Step through the doors of this little shop front and head through to an expansive foliage-adorned outdoor dining area. This Korean fusion restaurant is full of surprises, combining excellent coffee, cocktails with a fresh take on fusion cuisine. A visit here wouldn’t be complete without trying one of their kimchi-inspired dishes. From kimchi, cheese and egg toast to kimchi spag pasta, treat your taste buds to a spice excursion on Lorne Street.

Olivia | 22B Lorne Street 


Though not necessarily hidden, it can be easy to walk past this gorgeous store as you go about your day, but stopping in is well worth it. This independent, homegrown Auckland womenswear label offers a range of garments and accessories which can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. Olivia reflects a sophisticated, cool and quirky style inspired by Korean and New Zealand fashion. Combine a pair of cute gold earrings with a cosy knit sweater and support this local up and coming designer. 

Faro | 5 Lorne Street

Plates of food on table

Gather a group and settle into the traditional Korean seating for a dining experience like no other. Faro brings the culture of shared cooking to Lorne Street, in which a small grill is placed in the centre of the table and raw ingredients are cooked by the guests. 

Palsun | Level 1, 57 Lorne Street


Pop in for a quick lunch at Palsun, located just a few steps away from Auckland Central City Library. This Chinese restaurant is hard to spot at first but after experiencing their fantastic service and sophisticated take on Chinese cuisine it will soon become one of your go-to spots. Head through the little black door and up the stairs and try their speciality: noodles in black bean sauce. 

Red Pig | Shop 1, 2 Kitchener Street


Visit Red Pig located at the top of Khartoum Place for a barbecue experience filled with excitement and laughter. Korean barbecue is a popular Korean pastime which aims to bring together friends to share in the enjoyment of social cooking. Each table at RedPig has their own extractor fan and piping hot grill on which to grill an assortment of raw meats and fresh vegetables. Red Pig also offer a convenient lunchtime menu which includes everyone's favourite Korean dishes such as bulgogi and kimchi hot pot.

The Three Words | Ground Floor/57 Lorne Street

Food on display

The Three Words is a versatile cake and flower boutique which aims to provide an all in one solution for those who want to treat their special someone to a memorable gift. Here you will find delicate macaroons, flowers of unique combinations and delectable cake creations which might be too tempting not to try yourself first. Offering after-hours delivery with a smile direct from the boutique, The Three Words has got you covered no matter the occasion.

King of Skewers | 6 Kitchener Street  

Food and skewers on display

Just a short walk up the stairs from Khartoum Place you’ll find King of Skewers, a Korean hot pot, serve yourself style dining experience. Select skewered meats and vegetables from an elaborately cooled open fridge and arrange them in along the edge of a boiling broth at your table. This is the perfect place to catch up with friends on a chilly Auckland night.

Last updated: 21 August 2019