If you're looking for a place to entertain the kids one afternoon, full of fun, inspiring (and many free!) activities, look no further than Auckland's waterfront. From playgrounds to repurposed shipping containers and much more, there's also plenty of cafes and restaurants near by for delicious bites when everyone gets hungry. 

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Explore Silo Park 

Silo Park offers striking views across to Westhaven Marina and lots of things to do for the kids. Enjoy the beautiful playground, play basketball, go superyatch spotting - there are plenty of things to do to keep the kids entertained. 

Island Gelato

Grab an ice cream from Island Gelato | Ferry Building 

Whether it's summer or winter, what kid doesn't love ice cream?! Take a stroll along the waterfront and stop in at Island Gelato, located inside the Ferry Building, who pride themselves on using seasonal, local ingredients, and creating their gelato fresh every day. 

Interior of a museum

Visit the New Zealand Maritime Museum 

Explore our seafaring history | New Zealand Maritime Museum

Visit the Maritime Museum, Hui Te Ananui A Tangaroa, and experience New Zealand’s rich seafaring tradition. The Museum is located in the heart of Auckland's Viaduct Harbour, on the corner of Quay and Hobson Streets. With displays of both Pakeha and Māori origin, the Museum offers visitors a great wealth of knowledge to explore.

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Amey Daldy Park is a new tree-filled field for lounging at the corner of Pakenham and Daldy Streets. It has rolling grassy knolls perfect for doing roly polys down the slopes if you’re young or young at heart. It’s also handily located for a picnic from The Rolling Pin just across the street or La Petite Fourchette a few metres up Daldy Street.

Pack a picnic and enjoy new green spaces | Amey Daldy Park, Wynyard Quarter

Amey Daldy Park is a pocket park included along the Daldy Street green connection between Victoria Park and the waterfront. Previously an industrial site for storage tanks, it is now a contemporary urban park that serves as a backyard for Wynyard Quarter’s residents, workers and visitors. It’s home to 12 Pohutukawa trees recycled from other areas of Quay Street and Wynyard Quarter. It is named after the suffragette Amey Daldy, who was a prominent voice of the suffragette movement in Auckland. 

Last updated: 22 March 2021