Struggling for Christmas gift inspiration for a man in your life? To help you out with a gift for your dad / boyfriend / mate / brother, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite ideas, so make sure to check these out in the city centre, and you’ll be ticking off items on your Christmas to-do list in no time.


Wool Runner mizzles, $195 | Allbirds | 5 Gore St

A fresh take on their classic runners, the new Mizzle Sneaker from Allbirds are equipped with a water repellent puddle guard and a textured sole for extra grip. Soft and cosy while still remaining simple and stylish - available in a selection of limited edition colourways.

The North Face

Horizon Hat, $40 | The North Face | 4/80 Queen St

The North Face are well known purveyors of outdoor and high performance goods and the Horizon hat is no exception. Not only is it lightweight and fast-drying, this hat is made from a nylon ripstop with UPF 50 protection so it will keep him safe in the summer sun.


Sunglasses, $99.99 - $139.99 | Havaianas Britomart | Takutai Square

Give him a gift that is both stylish and practical with these Havaiana Sunglasses. With high quality UV lenses, and a huge range of colours and styles, you’ll be sure to find a pair he loves.


2-Eye Boat Shoes, $260.00 | Timberland | 5 High Street

These coast-inspired men's shoes are dependable and comfortable, and crafted from premium leathers with patented foam cushioning. Great shoes for that formal occasion or a more casual street look, these versatile shoes are easy to dress up or down, with the smart finish of these classic men’s deck shoes enhanced by a sublimely soft fit.  


Rockabilly Shirt, $219 | Checks Downtown | 3/7 High St

The Rockabilly shirt from Checks is a fine addition to any man’s wardrobe. The Auckland store’s in-house line uses vibrant fabrics and prints like that of the Rockabilly shirt to create a unique and exciting look. Fantastic for the fashion-minded individual.

CDs and records on display

A record | Marbecks Records | 34 Queen St

Give him a trip down memory lane with a record from his past. Established in 1934, Marbecks Records stocks a huge range of records, CDs and DVDs and their helpful staff have expertise in a wide variety of musical genres. So if you are in search for a particular track or a specific sound – or an album you had heard many years and ago and want to hear it again – the Marbecks staff will be able to find it for you.

Beard Oil - Barkers

Luscious Beard oil - Buccaneer, $29.99 | Barkers | 1 High Street

For that man in your life with the wiry beard, the Luscious Beard Oil is sure to be a hit this Christmas. Infused with Bay Rum, and made with four kinds of oils, this beard oil will have his beard feeling softer and looking more luscious than ever before. 

Art Print Tiki Gold

Art Print - Tiki Gold, $21.99 | Design By Leonard | Victoria Park Market

Gift him a piece of art. The Gold Tiki will not only look cool on the wall but also connects to the beautiful Māori culture of Aotearoa, where the Tiki is believed to bring good luck and keep evil spirits away.

Last updated: 25 December 2019