Coffee lovers rejoice! Everything from your traditional morning coffee to an innovative Peach Coffee Milk Punch Tonic, we have you covered for every kind of coffee craving.

Remedy Coffee

Remedy Coffee | 1 Wellesley Street West

Escape the city buzz at Remedy Coffee, a beloved retreat with cosy corners, free Wi-Fi, and a welcoming ambiance. Savour smooth coffee brewed with Flight Coffee beans and indulge in freshly baked pastries from their wide variety. It's the perfect spot to relax, recharge, and enjoy a moment of tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Rumours Coffee

Rumours Specialty Coffee | 19 O'Connell Street

At Rumours Specialty Coffee, they're not just brewing coffee; they're sharing an experience with a diverse community. With a focus on single-origin coffees for their espressos, Rumours invites customers to savor the unique flavors of each origin, making every cup a journey worth spreading. It's not just about coffee; it's about cultivating good rumors and great taste. It's no wonder they're one of Metro's top cafes 2023.

Coffee Corner

Coffee Corner | 17 Wellesley Street West

Swing by Coffee Corner en route to work and sample their best coffee brews. Using Monsoon Roastery beans, known for their rich flavour profile, they craft strong yet delicious coffees. Pair your brew with a hearty selection of pastries for a delightful morning stop. Finish off your visit with their Affogato; a scoop of their very best vanilla ice cream, paired with a shot of aromatic hot espresso.

Dose on High

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d.o.s.e | 5 High Street

Known for their innovative drinks like Peach Coffee Milk Punch Tonic and their freshly baked canelés, served with every beverage, d.o.s.e has quickly become a High Street favourite. Chief barista and owner, Rei, is a strong believer in bringing his long experience behind the bar and barista for creative drink menu. Choose from a range of cult innovatives such as an espresso or a cold drip coffee tonic.


Koel Cafe | 175 Quay Street 

Enjoy premium Kōkako beans brewed to perfection at Koel Cafe, where stunning waterfront views provide the perfect backdrop for your coffee experience.

Williams Eatery

Williams Eatery | G03/85 Daldy Street

Named one of Metro's Top 50 Cafes for 2023, Williams Eatery is a top-rated spot known for its exceptional coffee and delicious brunch offerings. Using Coffee Supreme beans, they craft expertly brewed coffee and serve dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Last updated: 28 May 2024