Archived: Auckland Fringe Festival 2017

Tuesday 21 February - 12 March 2017

The Auckland Fringe Festival is hitting its stride from Tuesday 21 February until 12 March 2017, and this year's festival is set to be the most anarchistic and gutsy festival yet and is the type of artistic event that Auckland has been waiting for with a strong maker spirit and sense of unrestricted creativity.

Auckland's Fringe Festival is a place for everyone to celebrate all forms of otherness, to become involved in hard discussions and to both make and be a participant to work that both challenges and charms.

There's something for everyone this year and along with a great line-up of intriguing programming the festival will take advantage of celebrated cultural hotspots in the heart of the city including the Aotea Centre, Silo Park, Q Theatre and The Basement Theatre.

Check out our must watch picks below:  

We May Have To Choose
Tuesday 21 – Saturday 25 February

Hear 621 opinions in 45 minutes in this award winning theatre performance by Emma Hall which is a poetic study of the personal soapbox and a fantastical ride through the subconscious mind at The Basement Theatre. 

Delivery #17
Tuesday 21 February – Saturday 11 March 2017

Take to the streets and make a love story possible with this mobile-driven piece. You represent The Giftgivers, a bespoke courier service celebrating anniversaries and connecting couples separated by distance. Delivery #17 has been brought to the 2017 Auckland Fringe Festival by John Burrows after Delivery #16 was shortlisted for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Sustainable Practice Award 2016.

Mea Tau
Tuesday 28 February – Tuesday 4 March 2017

Mea Tau. Weapon. Craftsmanship, masculinity, forging, skill. Both life-granting and life-taking and bringing connection to our place in this earth. This moving dance performance from Elijah Ennar features Elijah and six other dancers who personify weapons with movement and give voice in this contemplative movement piece.

Pilot Season
Tuesday 7 – Thursday 9 March 2017

This brand new improve show from the crew at Snort features some of the country’s best comedians that will pitch their brand new TV shows, and it’s up to you, the audience, to decide which live and which die. 




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